Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields

Here will be no walls, only patchwork fences that do little to shut out the beauty of the surrounding Australian bush. For three days you will live with thousands of strangers, encountering the limits of human sight and sound and surpassing them, making new friends, losing your sanity, finding it again and experiencing all that life has to offer.

Welcome to paradise. Welcome to the wild world of Strawberry Fields.

Strawberry Fields festival 2013 line-up starts strong9

Strawberry Fields festival 2013 line-up starts strong

By Jack Tregoning 30th Jun, 2013

Kollektiv Turmstrasse: Goosebumps atmosphere1

Kollektiv Turmstrasse: Goosebumps atmosphere

By Elliot Giakalis 30th Nov, 2012

Before they touched down for Strawberry Fields, inthemix caught up with Kollektiv Turmstrasse.

Ryan Davis:

Ryan Davis: "Messages and feelings"

By Elliot Giakalis 22nd Nov, 2012

Germany's Ryan Davis makes his first trip down under, and gives us an insight into where music has taken him.

Alex Smoke: Contrast is everything 11

Alex Smoke: Contrast is everything

By Jack Tregoning 19th Nov, 2010

Alex Smoke gives live laptop shows a good name. Ahead of his return to these parts, the unshowy maestro talks up his dancefloor alchemy.

Vince Watson: Catching the echoes from the future24

Vince Watson: Catching the echoes from the future

By Simon Hampson 18th Nov, 2010

Vince Watson talks about his career of over 15 years that has taken him to all corners of the musical spectrum and planet.

The inthemix summer forecast611

The inthemix summer forecast

By Jack Tregoning 6th Oct, 2010

No matter what your party persuasion, the summer ahead looks to be a strong one. Calling on the input of DJs and promoters with a stake in this summer, inthemix has cast an inquisitive eye over the good times about to roll.

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theHordern theHordern said on Fri 8th Aug, 2014
"as giraffage is there, i fucking hope pantha gets a run.."
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walkdogz walkdogz said on Tue 22nd Oct, 2013
"at the end of it all? wouldn't be copying the youtibe tit..."
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Twatly chillin Twatly chillin said on Thu 5th Sep, 2013
"aaaaaarrrrrhhhh fuck yeah get lower "
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Twatly chillin Twatly chillin said on Thu 22nd Aug, 2013
"Carnt fuckin wait"
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Miza101 Miza101 said on Tue 4th Dec, 2012
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Strawberry Fields

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