13 hours of power: Darkbeat’s 10th birthday party plans4

13 hours of power: Darkbeat’s 10th birthday party plans

By Jack Tregoning 30th Apr, 2013

My Career-Defining Records: Sean Quinn45

My Career-Defining Records: Sean Quinn

By Jack Tregoning 10th Mar, 2011

It’s been a few months since we last delved into the career-defining records of a DJ we admire, and who better than Sean Quinn to bring this feature series back?

My Defining Records: Gavin Keitel58

My Defining Records: Gavin Keitel

By Jack Tregoning 5th Jul, 2010

For this first edition of Hometown Heroes, we asked Melbourne institution Gavin Keitel to share with us ten defining records from the course of his career.

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DTrancer DTrancer said on Tue 30th Apr, 2013
"set times?"
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sd88me sd88me said on Sun 13th Mar, 2011
"this is awesome!!"
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Yakk372 Yakk372 said on Sun 6th Mar, 2011
"What a set of tracks! I wish I could have been around to ..."
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