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125 Swanson Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
1300 843 443

Hi Fi Bar (also known as The Hi Fi Bar & Ballroom) is located in the heart of Melbourne, it’s a 5 minute walk from Flinders Street Station. If you’re travelling by tram, be sure to get off on Collins and Swanston Streets (Stop #11).

Hi Fi Bar is known as Melbourne’s best venue for live bands. it’s split between two levels, all events held there are 18+ only, unless stated.

From humble beginnings over 60 years ago, The Hi-Fi functioned as a newsreel cinema during World War II. Since then, the venue has had many different incarnations and is currently one of Melbourne’s most popular venues for live music with a capacity of 650 and a state-of-the-art lighting and sound system.

The venue was recently extensively renovated. Overlooking the famous stage is the Mezzanine bar. But the main focus is of course The Ballroom, complete with stage, dance-floor and bar.

Mount Kimbie: Constant motion

Mount Kimbie: Constant motion

By Jack Tregoning 26th Apr, 2012

"We don't really want to play the same set again." Mount Kimbie tell inthemix about a life on tour.

inthemix presents Mount Kimbie tour15

inthemix presents Mount Kimbie tour

By Jack Tregoning 13th Mar, 2012

The last time Mount Kimbie toured Australia, they made quite an impression.

Metronomy @ The Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne (06/01/2012)

Metronomy @ The Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne (06/01/2012)

By Michael Prebeg 9th Jan, 2012

Metronomy gave The Hi Fi Bar an incredible live performance that brought their retro, electro synth-pop to life.

Regurgitator @ The Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne (26/08/2011)

Regurgitator @ The Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne (26/08/2011)

By Mathew Knight 14th Sep, 2011

Ben, Quan and co. played to a sold out Hi-Fi Bar, where they played a greatest hits set comprised of punk, funk, and all-round general silliness.

DANGER @ Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne (12/06/2011)

DANGER @ Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne (12/06/2011)

By Tom Fairbairn 20th Jun, 2011

Franck Rivoire might sound like an unremarkable name, but last Sunday at Melbourne's Hi Fi bar he projected the complete opposite image via his mystical stage persona DANGER.

Bag Raiders @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane (29/10/2010)1

Bag Raiders @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane (29/10/2010)

By Alicia Keenan 4th Nov, 2010

Bag Raiders touched down in Brisbane and delivered a live set of world class proportions.

Espionage  1 Year of Operations feat. DJ Marky and MC Lowqui @ Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne (14/08/2010)11

Espionage 1 Year of Operations feat. DJ Marky and MC Lowqui @ Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne (14/08/2010)

By Julian Cram 17th Aug, 2010

One year on, and Espionage is still going on strong, and with Marky rocking the Hi-Fi bar it was sure to be a special night. And my lord was it good. In the words of many a junglist MC “OH MY GOSH!”

Autechre @ The Hi-Fi, Melbourne (29/05/10)2

Autechre @ The Hi-Fi, Melbourne (29/05/10)

By Greg Steele 2nd Jun, 2010

There wasn't much dancing going on, but Autechre left the crowd mesmerised with their complex rhythms and pounding beats.

Smells Like Pharmacy @ HiFi Bar , Melbourne(22/05/2010)3

Smells Like Pharmacy @ HiFi Bar , Melbourne(22/05/2010)

By Natalia GBG 24th May, 2010

A successful night of insane music and visuals celebrating the classic hard dance night. Dr Willis, A*S*Y*S, Proteus, Frisky, and Hellraiser kept the packed venue and the crowds ear drums banging all night long.

Smells Like Pharmacy set times

Smells Like Pharmacy set times

By Kat Loughrey 17th May, 2010

On Saturday 22 May, the Hi-Fi Bar in Melbourne will come alive to the sounds of Pharmacy for the reunion event that they have in store.

Dexter XX World Tour @ Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne (07/05/2010)

Dexter XX World Tour @ Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne (07/05/2010)

By William Zerno 11th May, 2010

Jumping from track to track it was like he was given a vinyl crate from the darkest corner of an op-shop, or your grandma's attic. After 20 years in the biz, Dexter has the ability to keep it danceable and fresh.

Pharmacy returns with DVD1

Pharmacy returns with DVD

By Kat Loughrey 7th May, 2010

As you all know, Pharmacy parties are synonymous with hard dance, shuffling and partying hard in Melbourne. Now they're embarking on a new project - a DVD release.

Delphic @ Prince Bandroom, Melbourne (26/3/10)

Delphic @ Prince Bandroom, Melbourne (26/3/10)

By William Zerno 29th Mar, 2010

Delphic have garnered a second-wind with their fresh blend of synth-pop and rock on their debut album, 'Acolyte'. They revealed this to the Prince Bandroom on Friday.

Delphic @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane (25/03/10)

Delphic @ The Hi-Fi, Brisbane (25/03/10)

By Pete Luetjens 28th Mar, 2010

Delphic have been making quite a name for themselves in Australia, and their first show here was a resounding winner.

Andy C & GQ @ HiFi Melbourne (23/01/10)

Andy C & GQ @ HiFi Melbourne (23/01/10)

By Julian Cram 27th Jan, 2010

Andy C again proves to Melbourne he's the best in the world.

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