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Art Gallery Rd
Sydney NSW 2000

The Domain is located in Sydney’s CBD, it hosts Field Day, Homebake & Sydney Festival events each year.

Field Day @ The Domain, Sydney (01/01/09)6

Field Day @ The Domain, Sydney (01/01/09)

By Fiona Bowden 5th Jan, 2009

Game on! It was a day of Giant’s Magical Treasure Hunt. Yep, Field Day has a 24 Carat rep for kicking off the New Year with unquestionable goodness, and for the willing delvers there were sparkling shining things to be discovered.

Field Day set times!32

Field Day set times!

By Richard Shute 24th Dec, 2008

After a few reshuffles and a lot of speculation, the wait is almost over. With a lineup to die for and a spectacular backdrop, get yourselves ready for a fabulous New Years Day in the sun! Set times here...

Homebake 08 @ The Domain, Sydney (06/12/08)2

Homebake 08 @ The Domain, Sydney (06/12/08)

By Cameron Elliott 10th Dec, 2008

The reported 76 arrests might suggest this year’s Homebake festival, sporting the tagline ‘Peace in the Park,’ wasn’t quite so peaceful. But in truth it was nothing but sunshine, interesting randoms and of course, some amazing live music.

Homebake 2007 @ The Domain, Sydney (08/12/07)3

Homebake 2007 @ The Domain, Sydney (08/12/07)

By Leah Howard 13th Dec, 2007

All in all, the ‘Ladies Domain’ went off on Saturday, and with Paul Kelly and Cut Copy wrapping up the proceedings, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end a day of watching great Australian rock, dance and live music at its absolute finest.

Field Day @ The Domain, Sydney (01/01/07)6

Field Day @ The Domain, Sydney (01/01/07)

By Angus Paterson 5th Jan, 2007

After the insane heat of last year's Field Day, punters were approaching this year with a touch of fearful apprehension. But the weather cleared for an event that reminded us why Field Day is still considered one of the city's most iconic parties.

Set times released for Field Day5

Set times released for Field Day

By Angus Paterson 15th Dec, 2006

As 2007 quickly approaches, Fuzzy have already released the set times for their seminal New Years Day event to give punters the chance to plan out their day.

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