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256 Wickham Street
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
07 3252 5324

Clad in gold mosaic and red velvet, The Met is luxurious not only in its decor, but also in its size. Boasting three levels and five bars, it is a labyrinth of rooms that can be hired for private functions or enjoyed with the public. It is a prime destination in the Valley on a Friday or Saturday night; the music of major local or international Djs will never disappoint, and the crowd is sure to be good. If you want to relax over a drink with friends, The Met might not be the right place for you—but if you want to dance until the sun rises, it is your ideal destination.

Nick Galea: I Believe

Nick Galea: I Believe

By JoAnn Curtis 27th Aug, 2010

Nick Galea really stands out in an era where the artistry of the warm up DJ is a highly valued commodity. In the lead up to his feature night for inthemix50 at The Met, it will be the main stage from where Nick will shine.

Boys Noize @ The Met, Brisbane (11/03/2010)11

Boys Noize @ The Met, Brisbane (11/03/2010)

By Alicia Keenan 7th Apr, 2010

Heavyweight German DJ and head of the infamous Boys Noize Records delivered a mind-blowing set at The Met in Brisbane.

Armin van Buuren @ The Met, Brisbane (04/06/2009)4

Armin van Buuren @ The Met, Brisbane (04/06/2009)

By Geoff Lester 9th Jun, 2009

Armin van Buuren has been voted worlds’ number one DJ for the past two consecutive years. Given this and the vast fan base he has accumulated through his gigs and A State of Trance (ASOT), the most listened to radio station in the world, I almost...

Set times for Armin van Buuren's QLD show5

Set times for Armin van Buuren's QLD show

By JoAnn Curtis 31st May, 2009

The world’s #1 DJ is only a matter of days away from touching down for the first of many performances for this Australian tour! Thursday June 4 will see Armin van Buuren playing his only Queensland Show at The Met, check inside for set times!

The Met celebrate their 2nd birthday

The Met celebrate their 2nd birthday

By JoAnn Curtis 30th Apr, 2009

It seems like only yesterday that The Met first opened their iconic doors, vying for the Brisbane clubbing public’s attention.

Basement Jaxx's surprise Brisbane set4

Basement Jaxx's surprise Brisbane set

By JoAnn Curtis 9th Mar, 2009

We’re all used to headliners popping up to play encore sets after their festival shows, but what about the night before?

Afterlife @ The Met, Brisbane (04/10/08)1

Afterlife @ The Met, Brisbane (04/10/08)

By David Rousell 15th Oct, 2008

I headed to the Afterlife Parklife Afterparty at The Met, keen to capture the sounds of Parklife inside more intimate surroundings. I expected tight security for The Met and was thankful to the promoters for ensuring my entrance into the club.

The Stafford Brothers @ The Met, Brisbane (26/09/08)

The Stafford Brothers @ The Met, Brisbane (26/09/08)

By Geoff Lester 7th Oct, 2008

Imagine holding your birthday party in a super club, where 2000 of your mates could come and party with you. You're given a world class audio system to pump your tunes, free alcohol, and your brother Chris is going to MC for the night.

Stafford Brothers @ The Met, Brisbane (04/05/08)1

Stafford Brothers @ The Met, Brisbane (04/05/08)

By Katie Dawson 12th May, 2008

The night was most memorable - I had danced my pants off to the musical delights I affectionately know as the 'Gold Coast golden boys', and I had rubbed shoulders with one of the most adoring crowds to date – what a great night! Please come again!

Pnau @ The Met, Brisbane (04/04/08)

Pnau @ The Met, Brisbane (04/04/08)

By Travis Meyn 7th Apr, 2008

Pnau and then. A band who right now are riding the waves of a very successful third album, but back then had only the very faithful fans in a flurry of excitement, greeted The Met for a very special show.

Carl Cox @ The Met, Brisbane (19/01/08)2

Carl Cox @ The Met, Brisbane (19/01/08)

By JoAnn Curtis 30th Jan, 2008

The promise of Carl Cox to cut The Met's first birthday cake was the omen for all to seek admission for a night of epic proportions and spellingbinding enchantment.

The Met: It's your birthday!1

The Met: It's your birthday!

By JoAnn Curtis 16th Jan, 2008

It’s been twelve months since Brisbane’s newest hotspot The Met threw open its iconic (and massive) doors. ITM's Lady Lex takes a look at the last year, as well as what's to come as The Met kicks off its celebrations.

Spank Rock & Diplo @ the Metro, Sydney (24/01/07)1

Spank Rock & Diplo @ the Metro, Sydney (24/01/07)

By Jason Treuen 31st Jan, 2007

Why are Spank Rock shows always so insane? Last year they played the Basement on a Sunday night but everyone was on it like it was three Saturday nights rolled into one. Last week at the Metro the manic, nympho-electro energy wasn’t any different.

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