‘Armin Only’ coming in 2008

In his manner of dropping bombs on the ITM forums, Future Entertainment managing director Mark James has done it again with the news that the world’s #1 DJ Armin van Buuren will be back again next June for another Australian tour. Only this time he’ll be bringing the whole ‘Armin Only’ show with him.

“Armin Van Buuren remains our priority in 08, as the worlds No 1 DJ,” Mark said in the Melbourne forums HERE. “He will be here in June for ‘Armin Only’ shows, 2 of only 3 in the world filmed live for his new ‘Armin Only’ DVD (massive production). It will be history in the making.”

But it was in the same breath that he shattered the persistent rumours that Tiesto would be touring next year in April when Future Entertainment takes its first Cream tour around the country (check news HERE). “Future will not be touring Tiesto,” he stated frankly. And while this doesn’t answer the question as to who the “really big headliner” will be for the tour, all signs are still pointing to wards Tiesto returning at some stage during 2008, whether it’s Future Entertainment touring him or not.

So what can we expect from an ‘Armin Only’ show? Armin himself hinted in an ITM interview earlier this year that June’s ‘White Party’ tour was the testing grounds for the possibility of bringing the whole elaborate show back at some later stage. Expect over-the-top production, bombastic Euro-style theatrics (dancers, extravagant lighting effects, Armin emerging from behind a silhouetted white sheet) as well as a bunch of guest vocalists and live acts to make sure that it seems like a lot more than just a DJ set.

Stay tuned to ITM for more news as to what we can expect in ‘08. In the meantime, check out our recent ITM interview with Mark James and have a look at a clip from one of the earlier ‘Armin Only shows…