David Guetta announces new electronic label

There’s been no shortage of accusations over the past couple of years that David Guetta’s, dare we say it, sold out. Between the hook ups with The Black Eyed Peas, Akon, Flo Rida and Snoop Dogg (to really only name a few), it’s not hard to understand why many see the Frenchman leaning just a tad too far toward the pop end of the spectrum for a dance artist.

Well, it seems David Guetta’s not oblivious to such concerns. Performing onstage at Brazil’s Ultra Music Festival over the weekend, Guetta announced that he’s launching a new label with a refocussed direction. “I’m going to start a new electronic label,” he told the audience mid-way through the Nicky Romero collaboration Metropolis, “and this is the first track on the label.”

Naturally, it’s not the first time he’s harked back to the pre-pop days – you might recall the second disc on last year’s Nothing But the Beat was electronic. At any rate, he seems pretty excited about what’s happening in dance music at the moment. Speaking to the crowd at the end of his set (after dropping Nicki Minaj collab’ Turn Me On and the Usher hit Without You), Guetta exclaimed “Wow! Thousands and thousands and thousands of people partying together feeling like one. Do you realise what’s going on in America? How our music is taking over?”, adding “I never imagined that one day this would happen. But this is only the beginning, right?”