DJ Hanzel opens for Dillon Francis, takes us “vun deeper” at last

In mid-December, Dillon Francis posed a challenge to his fans on behalf of DJ Hanzel, his alter ego snobby German rival. If 10,000 fans liked one of his (many, many) Instagram videos, Hanzel would get 15 minutes to open for Francis on his year-end “I Don’t Give A Fuck Or Santa” tour.

Nearly 15,000 likes and hundreds of comments later, DJ Hanzel’s fate was sealed: He would finally be allowed to educate Dillon Francis’ fans in ze art of going vun deeper. And, from the looks of things, Hanzel made the most of his literal 15 minutes of fame, dropping Spinnin’ Records’ surprising new house release Gecko and yelling, “Make some fucking noise if you love DJ Hanzel more than Dillon Francis!” (Such an instigator, that Hanzel.) The two-minute clip below should be enough to take you vun deeper.

If you need more Hanzel after that sample, check out the vun-derkind’s opening set from the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. He played a selection of tech-house and house tracks befitting of his reputation: Don Diablo & CID’s Got Me Thinkin, Gesaffelstein’s Control Movement, Eigo’s Bring It, the aforementioned Gecko and Madame’s Realness. Now that DJ Hanzel has shown the world what he can do, will he become ze next big name in all things deep and outshine Dillon Francis once and for all?