Drop everything, Deadmau5 just took Darude on a coffee run

It’s been a while between coffee runs for dance music’s favourite agitator Deadmau5, but today Joel Zimmerman’s revived his YouTube series with a bang. This time, it’s none other than Darude in the passenger seat.

Hit play below and enjoy 40 minutes of Deadmau5 toe-to-toe with Darude as they talk (or struggle to over the noise of Zimmerman’s engine) TV shows, hardware, cars, global warming (“I’m all for it,” Joel says, “If it makes it warmer and less snowy-er”) and snowboarding. And of course, Darude foots the Tim Horton’s bill.

The Finn was in Canada to tour new album Moments, his first full length release in eight years. But even with the new material, Darude still finds room in his sets for Sandstorm: “Contrary to what people believe, I’m not tired of the track,” he tells the ‘mau5. “What I’m sometimes tired of is that [with] every reporter, every interview, that’s the main question always…I like to think that I’ve done plenty of other good stuff as well.”

“What the plebs don’t know is that you and a very select few others are responsible for the influx of electronic music into North America,” Deadmau5 tells his passenger. “It was Sandstorm – I’m totally being serious – Binary Finary, Ferry Corsten’s remix and do you remember The Porn Kings? It was all around the same time, and that’s what all the clubs were hitting on. That’s the first time [electronic music] became less “underground and cool”…there wasn’t anything before that.”

“You have that piece of history,” Zimmerman adds. “That’s something to be very fucking proud of.” Watch the full coffee run below.