Linas(LIVE) - Night Shift @ SugarSuite, Melbourne (9/05/03)

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In the seven months since its inception, Night Shift has evolved into a widely respected weekly night featuring not only a long list of DJ talent but also several live techno acts playing on a regular basis. Not genre bound, this fun and intimate club night has a real family orientated vibe. It is hard to find a crew that throws inhibitions out the window and just gets down and parties, but on entering Sugar Suite there was a great energy as the DJs and punters enjoyed the music that bought them together.

I arrived just after eleven to find Marrs on the decks slamming out some funked up soulful house that had the already decent crowd bopping both in their seats and on the dance floor. The intimate settings of the Sugar Suite created a friendly atmosphere that was felt all through the night. When a DJ is having a great time, the punters usually follow and Marrs was having a ball. Tight mixing and sexy tunes had the building crowd now on their feet. The energy in the room was great as Shane Ford took over the controls with some broken beats that put a smile on the faces of the many happy Shifters. Playing a tight blend of some crowd favourites and booty shaking phat breaks the night had just begun but was already in full swing.

Next up on the decks came Robert Anthony who with a bang picked up the pace as the sounds of techno filled the room. Robert Anthony, one of the Night Shift’s favourite resident, regularly plays not only techno but also a funky blend of hip-hop and old skool tunes. His obvious love for the many styles that have shaped his passion for music shine through with his in your face banging beats. The hard and banging turned to dark and driving as Robert Anthony’s set came to it’s climax dropping both the tracks from MTMR’s first vinyl release: Serotone’s – Dark Envy and The Machine – Robert Anthony and Serotone feat Michael Aliani. With the crowd now in a frenzy, Robert Anthony stepped aside as LIVE act Linas took to the stage.

Linas, having contributed 3 tracks to MTM’s partial description CD, has been on the books to play at Night Shift for a while. Adorning the stage amongst a web of wires, plugs, computers and gadgets (su700, nord modular, computer etc), Linas took no time in convincing the crowd of his awesome ability. Truly one of Melbourne’s elite live acts, Linas played a techno set that was both banging but had a depth of sounds that captivated the now full dance floor. With every head in the room bopping, Linas played a great set that blew many punters, including myself, away. Many stood in awe just marveling how a few machines and a computer could come together to create a sound of such awesome enormity, others just danced and then danced some more. Dropping bomb after bomb and banging out an incredible set, the crowd showed their adulation both on the dance floor and with the huge applause as he left the stage.

Katy K, host of PBS’ Friday night show Bionik, was next up and she took off where Linas left off with some funky ass shakin techno with a touch of spice and a banging edge that kept everyone rocking. A great set from Katy K who, like all the other DJs, looked like she was having a ball. For a crowd that seemed very mixed, with the die hard techno fans mixing with the up for anything off the street crowd, it was impossible not to have a great time with smiles all around. Steve Strangis, another one of Night Shift’s favorite residents, took over to close out the night. Steve played a fantastic set and as the uplifting trance sounds filled Sugar Suite the many happy faces kept rocking till the last record was played. The diversity of each of the sets throughout the night made it a special night simply due to the fact that there were no genres, there were no inhibitions, the music was played for the fun of it and a great night was had by all.

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