Lunacy @ Banjo Patterson Inn, Jindabyne (23/08/03)

Image for Lunacy @ Banjo Patterson Inn, Jindabyne (23/08/03)

Opting to go for the for the full Lunacy experience of three days, we arrived early on the Friday night ready to make this one hell of a weekend.

Forget the relative luxury of a Greyhound coach, this up for it crowd was taking the user friendly and unfortunately toilet free approach of an all singing all dancing minibus.

The rampant debauchery of the intimate bus trip was carried over tenfold in the weekend that was..

After a hard day on the Saturday, involving way too much Skiing, too little sleep, Jaigermeister and even the police, any ordinary ski bunny might be prepared to put their tails between their legs and go to bed, but the Lunacy crew were ready to get the party started….

Lunacy Re-visited, I’d heard fab reviews from my girlfriend about last year’s event at The LJ, but nothing could prepare me for the latest incarnation with new venue, great DJs, cheap drinks, cute barmaids and free fruit. After an obscenely early arrival at banjo’s we took refuge in the front bar awaiting the arrival of the general throng.

Pushing our way through the hordes like clowns at a rodeo, we may have missed most of the first set, but settled down to the always entertaining Mark McGrath in the large main room.

The lighting setup was top notch, (brought to us by Morph and Spook) dowsing the dance floor in a sea of colour and video imagery, while leaving plenty of dark areas to congregate and check out the girls behind the bar. ;)

The cheap drinks had left the crowd well lubricated and ready to put on their boogie shoes. Just in time to savour the crowd’s growing enthusiasm, the Jackal stepped up to the plate and hit one for six. His dark and dirty Mash’n set was one of the best that I have heard in a long time and the crowd lapped it up!

Sweaty, stunned, and looking for a change of pace, we moseyed on down to the Cocktail bar, looking for a taste of what AJ had to offer. Having seen his work at events like Tangerine we were looking forward to a seriously groovy house set. Laid back and funky beats were de-rigueur, but a look at our little posse suggested we had a few live wires amongst us eager to return upstairs to the main arena.

We were surprised and delighted to find a Massive funky house set with Mark Dynamix, accompanied by the tribal beats of percussionist Rob Morrish. A frenzied dance floor seemed to suggest this party would go on forever and the after party ensured it did.

Stretching well into Sunday afternoon the after party at the Snowy Valley Resort, well and truly went off!
With a perfect venue that encompassed a) a bar that didn’t shut till 1pm, b) an outdoor spa – chilly but interesting c) an indoor pool d) awesome DJs e) confused breakfast goers and finally the hardest partying crowd I have ever met, this was the stuff that keeps you coming back for more.

With about four hours sleep collected over the whole weekend, legs and calves that ached like I had run two marathons, the journey home was a far more sedate affair….. I cannot wait till next year. C’MON!!!

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