RZA @ Metro City, Perth (27/08/03)

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Arriving at Metros just in time to see Dan the Man take to the dimly lit stage, in preparation for RZA’s highly anticipated arrival, he opened with a stream of steady if uninteresting tracks but even with the volume at half mast and despite the fact Dan was virtually indiscernible in the far corner the crowd was noticeably excited with a brave few heating up the fairly bare dance floor and the rest edging in as Dan pumped up the beats track at a time.

By the time the clock struck 10.45pm, the scheduled start time for Wu-Tangs founding member and chief producer, the dance floor was crammed with eager fans and watching the throng from above it became obvious that Wu-Tangs Perth massive had been waiting far too long for this appearance and as Dan spun out the final moments of his closing track the mass pushed forward and made their impatience known.

DJ Sueside quietly took the stage. The voices of Cilvaringz and Beretta 9 declared this party started and in perfect unison Sueside hit the go button, the lights came on anda cheer went up.

Cilvaringz, a Dutchman who once jumped on stage at a RZA gig, freestyled for 2 minutes and wrote himself into Wu Tang history and Beretta 9 of Killarmy did a fantastic job of setting the stage, denouncing Australias Prime Minister and tearing up the American Flag, flinging the pieces into the crowd and finishing with the obvious anti war against terroism track “Fuck America” a sentiment that although was greeted enthusiastically may have been lost in the struggle for the 2 halves of the flag.

The two crowd pleasers exited the stage leaving only DJ Sueside to probe the hoard with bass. The anticipation was palpable, the build up to the main attraction set up perfectly so that it seemed if the man we call RZA had not at that moment exploded onto centre stage, mic in hand, that the flock of adorers would surely have erupted on their own.

RZA did not speak, instead he strode across the stage, hood pulled low over his brow, leaning towards the sea of hands stretched skywards.

Dropping a few tracks from “Digital Bullets” including B.O.B.B.Y. and Must be Boby as well as some old Wu-Tang favoutites such as C.R.E.A.M., W, Incarcerated
, 4th Chamber, Protect Ya Neck, Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta
, and, Triumph to name but a few it was a superb mix of old, new and yet to come tracks.

Highlights included RZA, in a move reminiscent of De La Souls recent visit to our shores, announcing a track for the ladies and inviting all the females in the house to jump on stage to shake/bump/grind their booties and shake, bump and grind it they did to the sounds of La Rumba.

One lucky posse to get a chance to showcase their own brand of WA Hip hop stylings were Life Quest who were allowed on stage to bust a few rhymes each in front of no doubt one of their idols and an extremely primed audience.

After 2 hours had gone by all too fast it was nearly over, thanking the crowd and his able accomplices RZA quickly exited stage right to the sounds of a not yet sated mass of fans chanting his name and demanding an encore, they were not ignored with RZA, Cilvaringz and Beretta 9 returning to the stage to bring the house down and the lights up.


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