Rockin' with the Rock Steady Crew @ The Globe (12/09/03)

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My notes for this event are kind of sketchy, which is usually a sign of a good night out! Me and my hacking and spluttering, flu-ridden Plus One turned up at the Globe just before midnight to find a middling crowd already on the dance floor, locked in a sort of donut-shaped vortex made up of mostly boys, concealing some enthusiastic breakers who could only be identified by the occasional flailing arm or leg. After a quick trip to the bar for some medicinal whisky and beer, we tried to squeeze (read: force) our way into a good vantage point to see what was going on. All was good for a couple of minutes, until some renegade started up a new donut hole and the crowd surged, moved, and reassembled in a tight circle somewhere off in the distance – access denied! Defeated by the tall, we slunk off to a spot somewhere near the stage to plan our next attack.

Here we stood for a while, checking out the scene and occasionally standing on tip toe to get a look in, to no avail. Our thoughts turned to the music and what my friend called “the talent” and we happily amused ourselves for the next couple of hours. It seemed as though all of Perth’s hip-hop dignitaries were out to play – the DJ box was stuffed to the brim. Locksteady played a really good set as usual, full of classic tunes that had the crowd grooving gently. Records seemed to change hands at a steady rate, building the tempo higher as 1:30am approached, when the crew were to take to the stage. There was, at this point, a horrible rumour doing the rounds that the stage would be left unused, and we cursed ourselves for our very shortness.

Before the boys from the Bronx appeared, the stage thankfully lit up and Perth’s own Systematic Crew hit the stage for a short but high-powered performance. The crowd were clearly pleased at the entertainment and gave up some drunken approval to the bounciest boys in town. Suddenly, our spot next to the stage was highly coveted, but we dug in our heels and had a great vantage point from that moment on.

MC Q-Unique appeared soon after the guys had finished and started to whip the crowd up with some frenzied MCing. It seemed like the place was suddenly at full capacity, everyone straining to get closer to the stage to see what was going to happen. The selected few from the Rock Steady Crew hit the stage soon after and delivered about 15 minutes worth of the best breaking and popping I think anyone in this town has witnessed. I found it hard to believe that some guys who are (no disrespect intended) somewhere near a codger’s age were up there throwing around their rubber-like limbs with such charisma and style. These guys could wipe the floor with their opposition: I have no doubt.

The performance was over far too quickly, but left everyone on a bit of a high. Unlike lots of other artists who have no time for their fans, these guys stuck around for ages, drinking beer with awe-struck admirers, signing autographs and bumming cigarettes. I happened past one guy who was having his shirt signed by Fever 1, and the look on his face was hilarious – I don’t think he could breathe. It was a surreal experience to be dancing, have one of the guys appear somewhere nearby to have a bit of a boogie and watch the crowd rapidly form another one of those donuts, forgetting to move their own feet because they are too busy staring.

A good event, for sure, but a couple of questions: where were the live graf demos and where were the two rooms? We like being cosy of a night out, but not so close your nose is stuck into some sweaty b-boy’s armpit! Apart from these tiny anomalies, we say thank you for the music and the clever dancing feet.

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