Speedy J @ Tech-ni-kal, Sydney (19/09/03)

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In my opinion, any night that starts with the sounds of Green Velvet promises to be a good one! I arrived at Chinese Laundry around 11:40 and while waiting to get in could already here some nice chunky beats vibrating through the walls (I’m pretty sure it was Green Velvet’s Land Of The Lost). Upon entering I wasn’t disappointed with Dartech playing some nice bangin’ techno to get the night off to a great start. This was actually the first time I’d been to the Laundry since they knocked the dividing wall down and it was amazing what a difference it makes. It really opens up the room and doesn’t feel as confined as before. At this early stage of the night there was a handful of people milling around the edges of the dancefloor but the room started to slowly fill and there was an influx of punters at around 12:30.

Second DJ for the night was Tom Haze who I’d never seen play before and got straight into some hard-as-nails techno. Unfortunately his set can only be described as cringe-worthy – I don’t know whether he was having a bad night or what, but he seemed to drop every mix, turning it into a train-wreck and no amount of ‘spin backs’ could save it. His track selection was awesome however (perhaps a little too hard for that time though), I just found the execution to be flawed.

A very cool and composed Biz-E took to the decks at 1:00 and wound the crowd up for our international guest, playing a fantastic mix of tech-house, techno, electro & even a couple of tracks that seemed to border on breaks! Every time I’ve seen Biz-E play I’ve never been disappointed and Friday night was no exception, dropping tracks such as Tomaz & Filterheadz’ Sunshine and a remix of the classic Energy Flash by Joey Beltram. I thoroughly enjoyed his set and the floor was packed by the end of his set, everyone waiting in anticipation for Rotterdam’s Jochem Paap, better known as Speedy J.

The last time I saw Speedy J was at Two Tribes earlier this year, and I didn’t hear his whole set which I now regret because the next two hours featured one of the best sets I have ever heard – it was absolutely mind blowing! Playing layer on top of layer on top of layer of sounds and beats and twisting them all around, the tracks he played were organic, changing seamlessly from one into another. It was amazing hearing tracks such as Electric Deluxe, Krekc and Tanga remixed live as well as a host of others, and at times it was just overwhelming. The only improvement I could suggest is getting him to play for longer!

If you’re a fan of techno and didn’t go then all I can say is you missed out on a very special night – it’s not too often that I leave a club absolutely dumbstruck as to what I’ve just witnessed. I just hope we don’t have to wait too long before Speedy J visits our shores again.


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