Clean and Serene @ Burdekin, Sydney (19/09/03)

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Still recovering from the previous Dirty and Delirious event held here at the Burdekin, the crew and I were expecting a more Angelic affair, were we ready to get clean and serene? Were we ever!

With a small and intimate crowd, full of familiar faces, (and smiles after recognising most of them from Dirty and Delirious), the night started off quiet, with a lot of time to catch up with some old friends downstairs before Montage, the guest DJ duo, made for a great reason to move on up.

Having never heard Montage play before we were eager to listen to what they had to offer, they did not fail to please, playing a nice opening set of Retro and breaks, perfect to start the night off.

Next up to the plate the regular team of Tazman, Mike McGrath and Jackster were set to get this party started.

Tazman playing a nice commercial house set got the crowd moving, throwing the occasionally oldie in for good luck, a classic ‘You don’t even know me’ track made most of us go insane!

Fresh from his Lunacy tour down in Sunny Jindabyne, Mike McGrath was set to warm this crowd up. Having heard his set down there, I was keen to here what he had up his sleeve. What an effort! Easily the best set of the night, jumping between new and old house, breaks and progressive, I have not seen the crowd go off like it did at a Clean and Serene event like that in a long time. I am surprised the floor held up to all of the people jumping up and down in an almost tribal frenzy to McGrath’s awesome mix of Sunshine in!

Jackster, no doubt still recovering from his Dirty and Delirious birthday bash was set to end the night on a bang. Playing a cracking commercial house set, the Englishman was keeping the crowd well and truly entertained. Here’s one DJ who really seems to be having as great a time as the crowd, with a grin as big as the Harbour bridge and some enthusiastic prompting to the throbbing dance floor.

The great thing about Clean and Serene is the ‘house party’ atmosphere, so often lost in the larger, dingier clubs around Sydney. With a friendly crowd, a small and intimate venue, and of course the essential trio of Tazman, McGrath and Jackster this event is set to be a personal fave of mine for a long time to come.

Don’t Tell Betty!

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