Rebellion @ Cerutis, Sydney (10/01/04)

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Being a Northern Beaches resident all of my life I quickly learnt that to have a quality clubbing night out where your ears aren’t pierced by the tinny sound system which is blaring out top 40 tunes we’ve all heard since we were in nappies, you have to cross the bridge.

Although this is still the case for most establishments on the Northern Beaches the people behind the venue called Cerutis have broken the mould and embraced all the things that make the majority of bars and clubs in the city a reasonable place to dance a jig. It’s dark with a variety of narrow and cosy rooms and the most important thing is that they have a fantastic sound system.

The Bass Rebels are a group of young lads who have on two occasions now utilised the superb ambiance of the Cerutis Nightclub. For their second event at the club, entitled Rebellion – Champion sounds, they filled two rooms full of rowdy punters who were at first a little hesitant to shake to the different beats that they were being pounded with. I say hesitant because the front room was up-tempo, chunky breaks and the back room was dub/reggae styles and the sounds seemed as though they were a marked alternative to what most Manly-ites would dance to on a Saturday. However within the few hours I was there, Males and Females alike grew to really appreciate and respond to the interesting combination of sounds.

Bass Kleph was on decks when I arrived and contributed extremely well to the appreciative response. Of particular note was the remix/bootleg (who knows if wacko jacko endorsed it) of Michael Jackson’s Bad. Don’t worry it didn’t sound much like the original at all, it was just the vocal line somehow morphed over a grinding break-beat. And when he mixed that into a breaks remix of Timo Maas’s Dooms Night I was inwardly applauding, lovely stuff.

As the movers and shakers of the front room cemented their place on the dance floor I ventured to the back room to see what all the commotion was. Eli was on decks along with some live instrumentalists playing guitar and trumpet with effects over the dubby beats. Top marks to the lads for being inventive and providing the punters with some musical combinations that you wouldn’t normally hear in a nightclub. There was an absence of the frantic front room antics in this back dub room while they performed, but that’s not to say that the crowd were not appreciating what they were hearing, it was more of a gentle swing or sway.

The one downfall of a narrow, cosy nightclub is that it gets real hot. Cerutis was sweat droplets from the nose and ears hot. It began to get uncomfortable after a while. What should we expect it is the middle of summer, but it seemed the bar had a bunch of cooling devices such as fans and AC machines that were not being used. So as Markone and Kodama were just taking over the decks in the front room and an excited fella named Moookemo slapped away at a djembe we decided to depart, before our teeth started to melt.

All credit to the Cerutis bunch for allowing the Bass Rebels to push underground sounds on the Northern Beaches and likewise to the Bass Rebels for a well organized and advertised event that the Northern Beaches needs more of.

Check out their website at, amongst other cool stuff it has a spellbinding mix by Eli.

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