Factory Re-opening @ Cage, Melbourne (27/03/04)

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Back at its home at Cage and with a monster line up for re-opening night Factory promised to be an amazing night and it most certainly did not fail to deliver.

After being a little disappointed with the last re-opening at Cage for Factory I wasn’t sure if I would venture out there again. Since then, however I have found a greater appreciation for the hard bangin Factory style, as well having met some of the great people involved. So I waited for Saturday night to come around, and when it finally did my friends and I were on a natural buzz all day just waiting to walk through the doors and see what Factory had in store for everyone.

Arriving nice and early and taking the trademark Cage lift up to the third floor I knew I was in for a good night. Cage looked awesome, the music was already pounding away and in no time the place was packed.

Kicking off the night for me was Thrawn & Elysium followed by Tim Willox, what a great start to the evening, both sets being the perfect build up to what was a perfect night. With the back room kicking off Factory was jam packed and everyone was up and rockin, big respect to all that played, I couldn’t help but dance which is always a good sign of a great night out.

Some stand out performances were Scott Alien, Hellraiser and Klassic and Sanders. These guys rocked the front room in the way that only they know how, they had the energy in the room pumping all night and they had the floor full for all of their sets.

Out in the Warfare Clinic great sets by all the guys but special mention goes to PDT and Industrial Negotiator (Linas & Seretone). It is always great to hear a live set and Linas & Seretone pulled it off perfectly. There were some nice chilled out tunes in the Warfare clinic later on in the night.

As the end of the night approached and I realised I hadn’t put my clock back, I was hoping (and so were many others) that we would gain an extra hour, this was unfortunately not the case but we all still rocked on as Eris & Mr. Ed finished the night off with a great closing set, that had people banging on the bar for more once they had finished.

As everyone slowly walked out the doors and into the bright sunlight which greeted us outside I did not see a disappointed face. A big thanks to all of the guys and gals involved for putting on such an awesome night and to all the staff present on the night who were all very friendly and extremely helpful. Great work! Can’t wait till next month for another installment of Factory.


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