High-Jinks @ Sly Fox, Sydney (05/06/04)

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Right then. I thought about trying to blag my way through this and attempt to write a balanced and informed review… but it’s just not going to happen. To be completely upfront and honest my memories of High-Jinks are somewhat disjointed and at times completely lacking… I can’t name any of the tracks played to save my life, but let’s give it a go anyway shall we?

Arriving at the stroke of 7.04 pm, I was a little upset to say the least having missed out four oh-so-precious minutes of $6 cocktails! Nonetheless I was intent on not allowing this to spoil my evening so we hit the bar and ordered up bigtime from the cocktail menu. And my what a cocktail menu it is…

Speculation was high. Would the High-Jinks 3 (Spitchen, Some Freak and Topher) be able to produce the goods? Would the ‘unknown soldiers’ Aphasic, Miu and James Bucknell be able to pull the crowds that resulted in the aciiieeeed mayhem and pandemonium of the last event? Would we be able to order more than our fair share of cocktails before the dreaded hour of nine o’clock? Would there be a repeat appearance of the topless lesbian? Would I end up falling over and talking mindless shite to complete strangers?

Spitchen was treating us to some lovely choice deep electronica as we settled in for the long haul. As familiar faces began arriving the atmosphere was truly friendly – it seemed like everyone was well and truly up for it. The cocktails were flowing aplenty, the beats were grooving and there was a real buzz to the place.

Topher took over the decks around 8 and seamlessly continued building the atmosphere that Spitchen had laid the foundations for. By now the place was well beginning to fill up – punters were bouncing in their seats, the bar was packed and the addition of visuals featuring ‘Battlestar Galactica’ helped to set the scene as the beats got a little more techy with subtle hints of aciiieeed teasing the crowd. Spitchen and Some Freak were working the crowd, introducing themselves and making sure everyone was having a good night. Pffft! As if they needed to ask – the smiles on everyone’s faces pretty much summed up the night to that point.

Some Freak stepped up to the decks just as the cheap cocktails were due to expire. Punters were three deep at the bar, the lovely and accommodating bar girls looked like they were about to pass out from sheer exhaustion, and yet still the atmosphere grew higher and higher. By now Some Freak had the kids up and dancing – booty was being shaken, moves were being busted and hands were in the air. The Fox was getting pretty crowded. I’m not talking so crowded that you can tell what brand (if any) of deodorant the person dancing next to you is wearing, no I’m talking nice and cozy.

Up next was the first of the ‘unknown soldiers’ – Aphasic. Why I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing this guy play before is beyond me. To put it bluntly, he well and truly delivered. When he stepped up I didn’t think it was going to be possible to continue building the vibe, but in this case, I loved being proven wrong. Things started to get a wee bit blurry about now – I remember chatting to a whole heap of people about god knows what, getting lost in the toilets for about ten minutes and yes, you guessed it – as per usual falling over just a couple of times.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better (I’m referring to the music, not my lack of coordination or coherency), ‘unknown soldier’ number two Miu took over the decks and continued to bang out the classy tracks. Impeccable mixing, impeccable track selection, this guy really played for the crowd, and the crowd loved it.

It was just before James Bucknell was due to step up that I was kidnapped by friends for another destination – damn you all to hell! Apologies for not getting to hear his James’ set but by all reports he rocked the house.

High-Jinks… what more can I say? Having now been immortalised in the Fox’s cocktail menu, there can surely be only bigger and better things on the horizon. With what can only be described as hordes of loyal punters, I like to think of it as the up and coming ‘superclub’ (Ministry of High-Jinks perhaps?) for those of us that both know and like quality, diverse electronic music – a rare find these days for Sydney.

To the High-Jinks 3 and the ‘unknown soldiers’, you rock – enough said! To all the punters that helped make the night the success it was – see you on July 31


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