Flow Motion feat. Mo Horizons @ Bondi Hotel, Sydney (05/06/04)

Image for Flow Motion feat. Mo Horizons @ Bondi Hotel, Sydney (05/06/04)

Upon the recommendation of some friends who have impeccable taste in music, I decided to head along to this event. Having missed Russ Dewbury the last time he was in town, and listening to rave reviews for weeks I was determined to head along to Bondi and have a listen for myself.

Although I hadn’t known what to expect at all as I’d never seen any of the headlining acts, when I got there, for some reason what I was presented with was completely out of line with my preconceived ideas. The event that I had conjured in my mind was of quite a large scale, considering sixteen acts were billed on the line-up. The Bondi Hotel however provided a much more intimate atmosphere. Once we adjusted to that, which actually suited our tastes better, we were ready to explore the new territory.

We arrived a little after eleven, and the main room was fairly fluid with human movement and appeared to be starting to fill up. I think when we arrived Karsten John was on and he was absolutely tearing it up. The music that was playing was awesome. It combined a number of different styles, including some with an African influence, as well as some great Jazzy beats. The Jazz won me over instantly.

Around half way through his set we decided to try and find the other rooms, which unfortunately proved to be a slight disappointment. I’m not sure if the layout of the event had people confused as to how many rooms there were, but when we found the Bombora Room, where Russ Dewbury was listed as playing, there were only around five people in there.  After waiting for half an hour to see if the room filled up it was decided that the main room was definitely the place to be.

When we got back to the main room the music was absolutely cranking and it was packed to the rafters. Some Brazilian “Fantasy Dancers” had also been thrown into the mix, dancing up a storm near the DJ booth in their fluorescent outfits.

Russ Dewbury and Mo’Horizons blew me away. Though I was a little way back from the stage I just enjoyed soaking up the music, having a bit of a dance and enjoying some excellent company. 

One of the main things that struck me about this night was the diversity of the music that was played. It went through a range of styles, including jazz, hip-hop, breakbeat, drum and bass, music with latin-american influences and music with African influences. It was a musical smorgasbord, with everything mixed together to flow seamlessly throughout the evening. I haven’t heard music like that played out and about in Sydney and after hearing it at Flow Motion I am seriously considering trying to find it somewhere on a regular basis.

The only part of this event I thought could have been improved upon was the set up. I think better explanation or sign posting of the locations of the other rooms would have helped to steer more traffic into the other rooms, even though the music in the main room was quite hard to tear away from though we managed to at around 3am.


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