Jigsaw 01: Electrotrash @ the Bakery Artrage Complex, Perth (25/06/04)

Image for Jigsaw 01: Electrotrash @ the Bakery Artrage Complex, Perth (25/06/04)

Perth may be known for its original independent music scene although not really in the electronic genre.  But times are changing and recently, there has been an emergence of live electronic music in venues around town.

One of the local promoter’s of electronic music in Perth is Deuce, who on Friday night at the Bakery Artrage Complex, presented the first instalment in their series of Jigsaw gigs, titled ‘Electrotrash’. 

Jigsaw is a new program that aims to foster new collaborations between electronic artists and other related art-forms and as Jonathan from Deuce said, “It’s all about crossing genres and fostering a sound that is unique to Perth.”

Hip people already on the pulse of this emerging scene, turned out in force for the event, which featured live performances from Chrism + Fenris, Electric Limosine Silky Krusher & the Sex, Alpha Kilo Tango and Oddball.

After some warm-up tunes from DJ Fatlace, ‘Chrism + Fenris’ hit the stage at around 9:30pm.  The boys generated an arrangement of beats and bleeps using a variety of equipment, including some old commodore 64s which produced weird and wonderful experimental electro sounds.  I particularly like the creative use of an ironing board as a music stand.

Next up was ‘Electric Limosine’ who I thought may be Perth’s own version of Ladytron, but I was reliably informed by Gabby (an electroclash expert) that they sounded nothing like them. Anyway, they played a number of original tracks and their own version of Condemnation by Depeche Mode.  They had a great look, which is an essential requirement of electroclash don’t you think?  I loved the big silver sunglasses adorned by one of the male members and I especially liked the creative song lyrics.

After a fashion parade by Schi, ‘Silkie Krusher & the Sex’ hit the stage.  This was the only performance of the night that got people up dancing and although their music was good, it may have had more to do with the sexy moves of Silkie and his two girls Lil Killer K and Rainbow Khoo?

Although the Bakery Artrage Complex is a fabulous venue in summer, it was a very cold night and it was freezing in there.  In my quest to warm up, I unfortunately missed ‘Alpha Kilo Tango’.  On my return at 2:00am, I managed to catch the final tracks being played by ‘Oddball’ but by this time, there were only a few diehards still left in the place.

The event seemed a bit hap hazard but it was different and a lot of fun. The fashion parade and visuals were a great addition to the performances, even though there were a few technical problems with the visuals.  The ideas were certainly there, and it was great to see local talent being creative and a part of an exciting live electronic scene.  I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next in store at Jigsaw 02.


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