MOS Loaded Dice Breaks & Drum'n'Bass Arena @ Monkey Bar, Perth (29/10/04)

Image for MOS Loaded Dice Breaks & Drum'n'Bass Arena @ Monkey Bar, Perth (29/10/04)

Walking into the Monkey Bar to the sounds of Diamond D starting his set, fervently mixing, the atmosphere can only be described as charged. The more than capable MC X sessiv later joined him, taking time out to pump up the crowd (which was building up to respectable numbers) at regular intervals who lapped it all up. I ventured upstairs on the balcony to get a better view before heading outside to see Buex.The segregation of genres resulted in the Loaded Dice DnB area getting the Monkey Bar and the MOS Breaks Arena getting the Courtyard.

It seemed like Buex was playing to a mostly unappreciative crowd bar a few drunken punters doing what was essentially a slowed down version of 2-step.(go you good things) He started off with some soulful jazz moving onto deep funky electric beats. The highlight of his performance would have to be Dj Shadow’s – 6 days which got a few more people getting their groove on, but for most of it the floor was filling up with people mainly talking and socialising, and I think he took this as a cue to fire things up a bit and threw in some tribal sounding, but my ears were taking a bashing from the overpowering bass emanating from the speakers and it was nearing 1am. 
Moving back to the Loaded Dice Arena to the sounds of Micky Finn, it was great to see the floor completely filled up. It was a complete and utter aural pleasure to begin but if I had to fault something it would be his track selection as I was seeking a more diverse variety but he’s known for his deep thumping, heart racing, filthy sounds but the numbers on the floor never diminished so its probably not an opinion shared by many. His capable fingers can not be faulted either and he kept the mixing tight and fed off the energy looking up and grinning every so often. Highlights of his set included the extended rewind at the end and ‘Thunder’ by Dj Die as well as Bad Ass.

Back to the Breaks Arena was a man needing no introduction by the name of Mark Rae who informed us it was his 5th time in Australia as well as an amusing tale about his last time in Perth, eliciting mainly laughter but some blank looks too which seemed to amuse him more. Pete Simpson who’s voice sounded like pure gospel heaven as he sang, and not just with Rae joining in at the choruses but virtually everyone else on the floor as well to ‘Take your Medicine’, which we were definately exceeding recommended doses of but loving every second of it. A shame Veba could not make it, but Simpson more than made up for it. A medley of remixes included Another one bites the dust as well as some Kelis and Sugar Hill Gang. Definately the best performance of the night, the vibe during his set was reminiscent of an era where it was all and only about the music and the intimate setting was well appreciated. Cheers, smiles and clapping were happening all round at regular intervals and I was overjoyed to have been a part of it.

Not wanting to miss Aphrodite I scurried back in with a good idea of what to expect. As soon as he stepped up to the plate, there thunderous response that almost seemed to overwhelm him. He started off with some deep, dark and dirty dnb including ‘Clockwork’ early in the set and wound down with ‘Tali’s – Lyric on y lip’ being sung over by Mc Assassin, who also threw in his new single ‘Landslide’ somewhere in the mix, which worked really well. Aphrodite’s mesmerizing eyes seemed to look through everyone whenever he looked up, never really focusing on anything but the technicalities involved with weaving one track with the next, all whilst grinning like a madman. 2 hours flew by and he finished off with Vinyl Syndicate and the Fugees with people putting their trigger fingers in the air whilst singing along. Its clear Aphrodite’s perfected his own formula and whilst he could be criticised for not really breaking out of the routine, why would he when it works so well for him.

Back in the courtyard, Kid Kenobi kept the party going accompanied by Shureshock whom some may remember from Roller’s Easter celebrations earlier this year with Greg Packer. They’ve just remixed MOS’s Breaks 04 and many of the tracks on it got a some play. Never has there been a better duo since Sonny and Cher according to one random. The sounds of the Kid were intricately linked with the flows of the Shock and not only did they get the party started, but maintained it way into the early morning. According to another random on the Nightrider, the highlights were Thunderstruck and ‘The Kid Kenobi Song’ which I never knew and still don’t know exists. The Signal Drivers finished up the Breaks Arena as sunlight approached and then it was all over and time to catch the Nightrider.

A special mention to the visuals guy in the Monkey Bar, he was slaving tirelessly keeping me very entertained with his choice of crazy images followed closely by hilarious captions which required a bit of concentration to understand, – personal favourite being “Cocaine is Addictive”. And also hail unto the bus driver, of the Nightrider who even after driving the same route for at least 6 hours still greeted me with a smile when I hopped on in the morning and everyone I met on the bus who were more than happy to tell me about their nights. The Nightrider just rocks – period. Also loved the dj booth set up which made it easier to see what was going on for those on the balcony.

The lowlights would have be the overly bassy speakers in the Courtyard, and the Courtyard itself, (its hard to dance on bricks) the Amplifier Bar would’ve been a better choice I would have thought but everything else was top notch for me. Also drunken people falling over in a really tight dance floor and kicking everyone in sight was not cool.

All in all though, was a fantastic night and I came away rather impressed with not just the international’s but what our local talent has to offer.


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