Adam F & Fresh @ Prince of Wales, Melbourne (25/11/05)

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Throughout the year 40Hz has put on a number of splendiferous parties, including DJ Hype and Black Sun Empire, and joining forces with other crews for such events as The World Of Drum and Bass Tour (Twisted Individual, SS, Killa Kella and MC Trip). Their final event of the year was justifiably talked up with the headlining duo of Adam F and Fresh. Once again, along side the headliners, a number of locals also got to strut their stuff.

I arrived in time to catch most of K-Oscillate (or K-O as you may have seen on one of their many posters plastered around the city). The guys put a lot of energy into their performances and are rapidly establishing themselves as yet another quality live drum and bass/electronic act heralding from Melbournetown. With more of an organic feel to their performances, they have managed to fuse a variety of sounds to produce their own distinct sound. Strong vocals teamed with an adept percussion set up are the basis for this sound with the addition of synth. The only criticism I would have that the nights performance did seem to wander and did not seem to have the same precision as other times I had seen them. The played a number of tracks off their “Life Cycle EP” which comes across just as well in the studio setting.

In between gear changes (and roadies!) Ruxspin managed to squeeze a couple of old school jungle tunes before BLX, yet another live act took to the stage. Consisting of bass/snyth, drums and guitar, BLX were also joined on mike duties from MC Wasp for a couple of tracks.  I hadn’t actually caught this group before and was interested to hear them. From the onset there was no mucking around, they were intense, tight and musically entertaining. Apart from Wasp at the start there was no vocals, drawing more attention to their musicianship.  The set went from a heavier sound to some lighter almost ska-sounds, reminiscent of a fave Ed Rush and Optical tune “The Message”. By this stage the Prince was well filling up with a good crowd in for a Thursday night gig.

Special mention must go to the delvoid crew for providing the visuals for the night, and for many other events over the year. It always adds an extra dimension to the parties and its great to help identify just who is up performing.

During another dose of the old school from Ruxspin, more of extended time fill than a full set, Fresh and Adam F began to hover behind Ruxspin in readiness for their turn. Fresh was quite enjoying Ruxspin’s tunes, as did the anticipating Prince dance floor. Opening with a mash up of vocal samples heralding his arrival, Adam F started first on decks. After his initial “introductory phase” it was Fresh’s turn. With a similar vocal mash up he soon passed the warm up phase and started to deliver a potent combination of fish bum mixing and big tune selection.  Initially Danyellsan had been on mike detail, I had trouble hearing him, but this may have been because the volume increase with Fresh and Adam F. About half an hour of more into the set I spotted MC Dynamite lurking. Out here for the recent Jazz Bop vs Hip Hop shows, and a couple of side shows, it wasn’t too surprising to see him acquisition the microphone. Needless to say from that point, the heat in the room intensified to a whole new level, as he repeated a fave catch cry, “if you think this is as hot as it gets it gets hotter!”

In terms of tune selection, Adam F and Fresh kept it quite recent, with a number of selections from their own recent release “The Bassline Strikes Back,” as well as a large selection of tunes from the recent Ed Rush and Optical release “Out of the Box.” A track that continues to gain momentum from the Hospital stable is Logistics’ “Together” and Dynamite provided some nice vocals for that.  A particularly memorable moment was some musical theatre from MC Dynamite as he acted out vocal samples. The balance between MC and DJs was spot on. Dynamite really kept the vibe up tight the entire performance. As for the mixing, well I just couldn’t get off the dance floor. Adam and Fresh constantly teased in the next tune luring you to stay, in effect previewing what was coming up. There were a number of older track selections, quite a few tunes that were bigger at the start of the year, but this did not diminish the set. After “just one more” it was time to head out of the Prince, ears ringing. 

40Hz finale of the year provably exceeded even their own expectations with the addition of MC Dynamite. The addition of live acts to the line up added a break from tradition and this was received well. All we have to do now is wait and see what parties they will be throwing next year, cheers guys!  

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