Jazz Bop @ Gaelic Club, Sydney (27/11/04)

Image for Jazz Bop @ Gaelic Club, Sydney (27/11/04)

Wow, what can I say.  Another fantastic night of funk for Sydney music lovers, with the Gaelic Club packed to the rafters with post Parklife victims, off duty DJs and purveyors of the groove.

Turned up fashionably late to catch yet another impressive set of juke box jams from the master himself Russ Dewbury.  The crowd were suitable hyped by the finish of his set after dropping some extra phat drum and bass.

Melbourne’s Bamboos & Alice Russell followed with an extremely tight set given the short time they’ve had to rehearse in Australia before their first gig.  These guys deserve the hype they’re getting overseas with solo’s aplenty from the 6 piece outfit.  Alice tore the roof off with ‘7 Nation Army’ towards the end which was a perfect finale to a combination everyone should keep their eyes on.

Nathan Mcleay was up next and played an eclectic set of classics and newies to keep the crowd grooving before a mash-up session at the end of the night from Will Holland of Quantic Soul Orchestra and Alice Russell.

A special mention must be made to the fantastic visuals on the night by Superlight and Klub Kino (of Mad Racket fame).  It’s great to see some effort being made to dress up a venue in addition to making sure the p.a is of a high standard and that it suits the music style.

It definitely makes you feel like your ticket price went somewhere worthwhile and not just to pay the DJs.  My only gripe would be that the p.a was perhaps a tad loud (I needed earplugs all night) and that the Gaelic Club really needs better air conditioning.


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