Movement feat. Luke Chable vs Fernandez @ Phoneix Bar, Sydney (03/12/04)

Image for Movement feat. Luke Chable vs Fernandez @ Phoneix Bar, Sydney (03/12/04)

Movement strikes again with another great night of music with some of the best local talent Sydney has to offer. Luke Chable and Jono Fernandez teamed up to bring us a massive five hour set at the Phoenix bar, playing everything from progressive breaks to dirty electro. This was the biggest Movement event to date, and I was left gleaming with satisfaction long after the lights came up.

I arrived at the event too excited for words, Fernandez had started and I immediately scurried towards the front of the room to catch a look at the two masters of progressive behind the decks. The place was going off, there was already a crowd that far exceeded any of the previous Movement events, and was to only get bigger. Much of the regular crowd was among the smiling punters, and of coarse many new faces that had come to experience it for the first time.

I found my usual spot on the dance floor (which was as close to the front as physically possible) and just lost myself in the music. Chable was like a god, mixing in some great new tracks, and some of the old classics that literally made the entire room bounce around. Fernandez was also at his best, equally as impressive, which made the perfect pair. For the entire length of the set there was never a dull moment, which may have been the reason for how exhausted I was towards the end.

I wasn’t surprised to see that the crowd would sustain the entire length of the set, with the place still very full towards the end of the night. This helped Chable and Fernandez allot I think because they just kept on bringing out such top quality tracks. The sound was awesome, with some crisp clear bass coming through, and it wasn’t too loud either. It was also interesting to see the two using a laptop with Ableton Live running, as well as decks and CD mixers. This gave them enormous flexibility to create a set full of diversity, reaching further into much more tech house and some electro, as well as the atmospheric progressive style.

After the two had finished, Obsidian took control of the decks with a flawless driving breaks set and opened with a killer track, Stereo 8’s remix of Orbitals ‘One Perfect Sunrise’. My most memorable track from the night from Chable would have to be Sasha’s remix of Spooky’s ‘Belong’. A huge thanks again to the crew at Movement, it was one of the most enjoyable nights of my life. I will definitely be attending the next instalment.

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