Denial pres. DJ Ashes: Aus vs UK @ Peppermint Lounge, Sydney (25/01/05)

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It’s Tuesday. We’re all getting used to the idea that yet another week has started and it’s another four days until the weekend…except the short weekend has come sooner than we thought. The Denial Promotions team had a great idea to put an event on this night: it was a great warm up for the Big Day Out the next day and an equally good alternative for those of us who didn’t want a big night out instead, but still wanted to take advantage of the fact that there was no school on Wednesday.

In true sporting style, (assuming that in this context, the DJ Ashes was in fact a boxing match and not a cricket game), the DJ’s were rightfully split into Light, Middle and Heavy Weight rounds (nothing to do with their waistlines, the DJ’s assured us). First up was Adam Foster versus Ben Kelly. These two DJs had responsibility for the warm-up slot, and warm it up they did. Both DJs played deep and funky, helping people ease out of their working day and getting ready for the more invigorated booty movement to come. It’s a relief to step inside a club and not hear main-room bangers from the get-go. The guys built the set and the night right.

The middleweights took the decks as represented by two in-form DJ’s, Gary Broadband (Monkey Tennis deep house don) versus Mike McGrath (Clean & Serene et al, and classy with it). The welcome sounds of deep Chicago house and vocals refreshingly low on the cheese factor followed.

Then came the heavyweights: Lummy, Monkey Tennis’s naughty, bongo-loving boffin and Taz, the night’s mastermind and representative of Kikkon, Denial, Clean and Serene and more, stepped up to the challenge. By this point, hips were swaying, bottoms were wiggling and the crowd were looking to the DJ’s to take them further.  And they did. Lummy, in true style, combined funky beats with rolling tribal tuneage, which worked well with the venue and the crowd.  Taz kept Lummy on his toes though, answering with more vocal tunes and some cheeky drops including Survivor and Europe. It was that kind of night.

By 10:30 the gorgeous, sexy and happy crowd had filled the place. Peppermint Lounge is a long way from a super club, and it’s better for it. I’m glad the DJ’s didn’t focus on anthems instead used the night to play those gems that often sit at the back of the record box ‘cause they’re not stereotypical “club” tunes. It provided a much needed change for those of us that have had a hectic silly season but still want to be out enjoying Sydney summer nights.

As for who won the battle, it’s a hard call to make as both the Bulldogs and the Wallabies landed some solid hits. As they like to say on the tele, it’s the crowd that wins on occasions like these!

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