Grooveinc@Breed Relaunch @ CQ Lounge, Sydney (12/03/05)

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Tonight the Grooveinc @ Breed crew returned again for the month, this time re-launching the music policy!  For those who attended the original Breed night’s they would have remembered that the first Breed’s originally started with House and Breaks in the front room and trance in the back room.  Tonight this is exactly what was happening, taking it back to the original roots of the night with House and Breaks in the front room and Hard Trance in the back room.  The line up for tonight was jam packed full with established and well known up and comers, we knew we were in for a great night!

Arriving at the opening we heard Elwood warming up the front room with a rocking breaks set to start the night.  Peakn was next to play in the backroom, this being his first club set and he did it well dropping some anthems and newer tunes like Steve Murano’s remix of Cry Little Sister.   By this time there were people starting to fill both rooms with a real feel of excitement in the air, the night was just about to take off. 

Chris Mees played a great house set next in the main room, packed full of funky tunes, getting people onto the dance floor as soon as they arrived whilst Scotty G was rocking the back room with a great hard trance set.  Dave Malcolm, one of Sydney’s well known House DJ’s played next in the main room and kept the crowd in the palm of his hands the whole time.  There was a real atmosphere in the air with people dancing everywhere you looked and just having a great time!

Whisper & Chris Rok kept the back room packed as people came in left right and center filling the back room like I’d never seen before!  They kept the crowd dancing away with tracks like Walt’s Silver Machine and an all round great set with flawless mixing.  Melbourne’s Hellraiser and Breed’s regular DJ Spank were next to take the decks in the back room.

They started of with some nice hard acid and it was evident to see that there were lots of people keen to hear this set as the room was more and more packed by the second!  Hellraiser showed us just how to put on a show whilst DJing showing his true passion for the sound that he plays as Spank kept the crowd dancing throughout the set!  They played a great set full of Hard Trance, Acid and Hardstyle with tracks like ASYS’s Acid Flash, Future Tribes’ Zero Hour and many more.  Their set was definitely a highlight of the night.

Shash & Mixxam kept the front room watching and listening as they started of with their top gun intro not to mention the great outfits!  Playing a rocking house set, it was hard to decide which room to stay in!  The Impossibles finished of the night with a great breaks set right into the early hours of the morning.

Overall I think that the re-launch was a massive success for the Grooveinc & Breed crew.  There was such a vibe in the air throughout both rooms, plenty of quality music playing and such an up for it crowd with a strong line up, it was a perfect night out!  Big congratulations to the Grooveinc & Breed crew on a great night.

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