Twister 2 @ CQ Lounge, Sydney (24/03/05)

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This was one of those events that make you wonder how the promoters made any money. Two dance areas in CQ’s nightclub at Bondi, two international DJs, twenty local acts and tickets for only $25 at the door – or even better still Overdrive Australia were offering a two for one deal for early birds. It was an over eighteen’s event so there was a full bar with friendly bar staff to make sure we were all well sorted.    

We rocked up at about 12.30 in the AM so we were able to catch the last half of the Matrix and Shadower set, and they were churning out some wicked hard trance to a packed dance floor.

Following Matrix and Shadower Suae and Fenix brought the atmosphere and the pace up a bit starting off with some cool freeform then moving into the happy hardcore side of things. In the other room G Banga was playing some darker hardcore and the crowd were loving it, that room played heavier music all night.

Next up in the main room DJ Bonebreaker of Brooklyn Bounce coming all the way from Germany and playing all the newest hard trance, from labels like Loud & Proud and Born to Bounce. I was anxious to see him play as I lost my ticket for Scattered, and he was OK – but I think it would have been better if both BB members had played.

After that was another international, DJ Impact from the UK. He played happy hardcore but I have to say I wasn’t that impressed, his whole set was a bit light, too many really happy tracks with really high female vocals.

Last up at 4AM was Midian, known best for his early mourning anthems sets. He normally plays old school happy hard but this time he played it pitched at about 155bpm. I found it a bit hard to get into because I new all the tracks and I new how much better they would sound if they were played at the right speed.

All in all it was a good night, the stand out would have to have been the venue. Most of the sets from the internationals on were decent but nothing special, still would like to see some new talent at parties.

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