Eckythump Encore @ FX Centre, Sydney (26/03/05)

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The Eckythump series was back. Five to ten years ago it was considered the number 1 rave series in Sydney. Aladdin, Jim Jams and Reazn had teamed up to bring us Eckythump Encore. Venue’s were always unique and this was to be no exception.

As we arrived at the FX Centre in Alexandria, we were confronted with 3 security guards and a lift. A lift to where? So we took the lift up 4 levels not knowing what was on the other side of the lift doors. It was a function centre. Walking through the venue there was a kitchen area, open space where a merchandise stall had been set up then outside was a a massive balcony that stretched around 360 degrees.

But where was the main room? A room off the balcony that looked more like a massive seminar room then a main room for a dance party. We walked into the sounds of some melodic UK hardcore being pumped out by Haze & Leo. The lighting and sound set up was basic but effective for the size of the room. Two small lazer heads were all the lighting but it was perfect the venue.

Back outside to sit down on the balcony just outside the main room and the view into the city was amazing. Being 4 storeys high gave us an uninterupted view into the lit up Sydney City skyline. The crowd was starting to build up as Chester and Suae were mixing some melodic trance to start with then progressing to the harder side of trance finishing with the new hit “Trick Nation” the remix of Tricky Tricky and Zombie Nation which had the crowd jumping.

Spellbound was up next playing some dark hardstyle that had everyone stomping. The crowd was now building up and the Eckythump vibe was starting to come alive. Fenix & Weaver stepped up to the decks with MC Riddle and they blasted out some old and nu-skool happy hard matched with some awesome mcing. “The Theme” by Hixxy & Styles, “Adagio” by K-Complex and “You’re My Angel” by 69 were the crowd favourites from a fast paced set.

It was time to head to the breaks stage on the other side of the balcony to hear Neo Teng slamming some awesome breaks to the few that appreciated it. An awesome remix of Ferry Corsten’s “Rock, Rock Your Body” was a favourite for mine. Outdoor heaters were also supplied as it was quite cold at 2am in the morning, a great idea that was recieved well by everyone.

Jim Jams was playing an anthems set in the main room and had everyone jumping to a lot of hands in the air songs. Midian and Aladdin took over and pumped out an awesome set which I didnt catch much of due to going around and meeting the happy and up for it crowd. Team Rocket delivered an awesome peak time set that we have come to expect of the trio, had the whole crowd jumping and bouncing to the packed main arena. These guys seem to deliver every time they play. My legs and voice were now starting to die due to the amount of dancing and talking I had done throughout the night.

I Left at the end of Team Rocket just as the two kings of hard trance Nervous and Matrix stepped up to the decks. From all reports they kept the party going into the small hours of the morning. Daylight saving didn’t give us an extra hour of partying as we turned our clocks back as we walked out of the party.

Eckythump Encore had truly met everyone’s expectations as an awesome underground party with an awesome venue, music and vibe that left everyone very satisfied. A big congrats to Jim Jams, Aladdin and Reazn putting on a top party. I wonder if there will be another Eckythump in the future.

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