Wanted @ Rogues, Sydney (31/03/05)

Image for Wanted @ Rogues, Sydney (31/03/05)

In search of a new home, this time WanteD gave another place a go – being Rogues, also known as a previous venue of the Friday night hard trancer – Plastic.

The club was dark, although not as intimate as desired, and drink prices were not ones of the “leave wallet healthy” kind.  The laser show that graced the dancefloor downstairs was supurb however – higher standard that I would normally expect promoters to come up with for a non-special Thursday night event.

Downstairs dancefloor was completely ripped up by the opening up’n’comer Flip (and little birdies seem to think that he’ll be back at a Josh n Friends Presents event soon).  His brand of driving hard trance reminded me of Chia’s – tired from 5am starts at work this week, I still couldn’t help but bounce around!

Patrick and the rotating residents delivered the kind of hard trance journey that Wanted has come to be known for, and Josh van Aalst finished the night of with a popular happy hard morning set.

Upstairs was open for part of the night, and Chi-Key pulled out some quality house and breaks beats, unfortunately to a deserted dancefloor. WanteD has built it’s reputation as a hard trance night, and the punters voted with their feet in the hard trance area.

From now on, it looks like WanteD will be returning to T2 drawn by it’s more intimate atmosphere, free pool and more agreeable drink prices.


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