M.O.S Hard NRG Tour @ Family Nightclub (21/04/06)

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With a line up of tyDi, Baby Gee, Nik Fish and John Ferris back to back in the Main Room, what else is there to say other than the Ministry Of Sound Hard NRG Tour absolutely rocked! I knew in the weeks leading up to the event that the night was going to be a special for numerous reasons. The first reason being the awesome line up of talent playing at the gig – never have I seen so many high profile DJs on the Family line up. Family residents – tyDi and Baby Gee as well as Sydney boys – Nik Fish and John Ferris were to pump out the harder stuff downstairs, while upstairs in the Uncle Lounge the ever so popular Stafford Brothers were to play. The second reason being we had the V.I.P room booked for the night, which would also give me an awesome view of the DJ box and the massive crowd.  Add to that two close friends celebrating their birthdays on the same night - it was definitely going to be huge with of course lots of running amuck around the venue. 

All day Friday no one seemed to be able to sit still, everybody was hyped to get there as early as we could and take advantage of the V.I.P. room. To gear up for it we listened to previous Hard NRG CDs, which actually made the wait for night feel even more agonizing as we were constantly being teased by all the tasty tunes. Then the time finally came to jump in the cab and cruise on in.

We arrived around about 9:30pm and went straight up to the V.I.P room.  I was a little disappointed at first as the music controller in the room was broken which meant we could only play the music from the Main Room and not from the other two rooms (something I later didn’t regret at all). With a drink in hand, it was time to cut a lap around Family and check out the other rooms.

Upstairs was busy and the Ice Lounge seemed like the place to be for some relaxed drinks before heading downstairs. It wasn’t long before we made it downstairs onto the dance floor where I was amazed to see how packed the dance floor was at 10pm. I’m a regular Family punter, but never before have I seen the dance floor so packed and the crowd already pumped at such an early time. Generally this sort of crowd doesn’t appear until at least 12am. However, it was obvious straight away why the floor was filled,  tyDi was on the decks and blasting out absolute crowd pleasers, song after song. He played a lot of trance with groove, and with really chunky bass lines keeping the floor packed. I have seen him play a few times and each time it is obvious by the crowd turn out and atmosphere that he is very quickly cementing himself as a Brisbane favourite. The music he plays seems to have an ever growing uniqueness which I can only describe as tyDi Style.  

Next up it was Baby Gee’s turn and as with tyDi he did not disappoint! Always a Family favourite, Gee worked the crowd and put on his usual show of great tracks and beautiful mixing. The crowd just seemed to increase in size despite the chaos going on outside of the club, where sniffer dogs and police had been on a mission around the Valley. By the Time Nik Fish came on at 12am the Family was packed and the crowd was electric. Nik put on a great show and was able to keep it interesting when out of left field he dropped Pendulum’s ‘Slam’. As a fan of Pendulum’s new CD I was so impressed to hear him play the track, and the crowd responded really well.  I have to say it was one of the highlights of the night. After that song he went back to his usual style. There was a bit of an incident during his set though where he managed to knock the mixer hard enough that it actually came off the bench and fell onto the ground. There was a mad scramble to get all the audio cabling back in and luckily they managed to do it quickly enough to wound the crowd right back up to boiling point straight away.  

Last, but no least it was John Ferris’s turn to have a crack at rocking all the punters that were still going hard on the dance floor. He started off with a remix of Zombie Nation which really got the crowd pumped. He kept the beats coming hard and fast and the music selection was awesome. Hearing some of his personal tracks like ‘Hard Style and Acid’ and ‘Acid Is My Sound’ really kept the main room going hard and made the Hard Nrg Tour live up to its name. Although his music selection was awesome some punters felt that his mixing wasn’t up to his usual standard, but this still didn’t take away much from the overall performance on his set.  

Come close time and the lights came on, but no one on the floor was ready to leave at all, chants went up from all around the main room, as the crowd chanted “Ferris, Ferris, Ferris…” not taking very much for him to give in, he played ‘I Need You’ (Album remix) by Scott Project which capped off the night perfectly.   All in all the night was a huge success. Highlights were tyDi’s set and getting to meet most of the DJs from the night (very friendly down to earth people!). I would definitely rate this as my #1 night at the Family this year for sure.


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