Mothernature Comedown @ Red Gecko, Canberra (1/04/06)

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As I rocked up to Red Gecko on Saturday night at around 10pm, it did not surprise me to see the place fairly empty at this point. With Gecko having a reputation for not filling up until later on in the evening, coupled with Paul Van Dyke at the ANU and NOISA at UC bar, and finally the fact that the event had seemed to be a little last minute, I didn’t expect much this early in the night.

The first set started off and I was rather surprised at what I heard, but it was definitely not psytrance. I have certainly never heard it before but the best description I could give would be electro infused with European folk music. As the next few sets continued people slowly started arriving to the high quality psychedelic sounds that we have come to expect from the Side Project crew, and they delivered as usual. Around 1am the crowd really picked up, and before I knew it, the club was looking pretty packed. We again heard that killer remix of ‘can’t touch this’ which has been going around psy-trance circuits of late. Lets just hope it doesn’t become another overplayed track that nobody can stand to hear! Stoj and Disect came on at around 3am and managed to pull together an impressive set all things considered, mixing it up with their token style of driving psy-trance. One of my favourite things about these guys is they never go soft; you can always expect an energy packed set when they are billed!

As the sounds continued through the night, the numbers stayed strong, and the DJs stayed flawless. The guys from SideProject have had plenty of practice for how to rock a night, and they show it too, experience is invaluable in the psy scene. Although the night continued on until around 6pm, I unfortunately had to head off at around 4.30, but from all accounts things stayed strong to the end. The SideProject crew managed once again to pull of a stunning night, even more impressive was that they managed to pull it off on the night they did! While a lot of other clubs experienced slower-than-average nights due to the big events around, Gecko managed to pull a decent crowd. Props once again to Tommo and the crew.

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