Elements tour featuring Q-BERT @ The Palace, Melbourne (04/05/06)

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Well the Palais were on the back foot from the beginning. We were greeted at the door by an enormous poster letting us know, in no uncertain terms, Supernatural would not be performing on the night. The collective groan that went out through the crowd was heartbreaking. Consolation was not to be found in the fact that he will be playing a free show at the Espy on Wednesday as anyone off the streets can wander in. Many of my mates had paid $50 to see an act that never showed.

So I got into the venue at about 10:30 and made my way straight into the main room to catch the back end of the MC battle which went pretty desicively to MC Fever (fevah?). The battles went well enough but maybe after so many rounds their material was a bit used up because on both sides there was maybe one standout verse followed by another 35 seconds of pretty rubbish stuff. Don’t get me wrong, you wont be seeing me jump up on stage in a battle in front of 700 odd people but in my humble opinion I’m not holding out a lot of hope for Victoria in the national finals.

From this point on it seemed as though the Palace were trying to kill time until QBert hit the decks. The DJ battle that we witnessed was pretty impressive but it was tainted by the knowledge that we would have been seeing Supernatural perform at this moment if he’d gotten onto his damn plane. I didn’t catch the names of the guys spinning but they certainly knew hat they were doing. Following the scratch off J-Red hit the decks and delivered some of his usual magic proving again why he’s a world champion. And then…. Q Bert. Part man, part machine his set was dynamite. This is a guy able to scratch with one hand and lay drums with the other, enough said. The projector screens behind him delivered visuals of his cutting and just how obscenely fast this man can mix wax. The set was quite literally amazing but to try to convey in words what was like a audio orgasm will inevitably be insufficient.

In the end though, despite the absence of Supernatural, the night seemed to be percieved in general as a success. Just make sure you’re at the Espy this Wednesday for the makeup show…


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