Mampi Swift & IC3 @ Heat Nightclub, Perth (10/06/06)

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June 10th on the drum & bass calendar was a night to remember for all the Perth crew, with the return of the amazing Mampi Swift and IC3. Returning to Perth since playing here last year at the Rise 8 months ago for the Ministry of Sound Annual Tour Event – this gig promised everything and more as it was solely dedicated to this dynamic DJ and MC duo. Their last show ripped the roof off the Rise and Im sure the people of Perth were expecting the same calibre performance from the double dropping king himself. The England Vs Paraguay World Cup match was even played on the big screen for early punters to watch before things had to kick-off at 10pm.

Mampi Swift aka Phil Anim started djing in 1990 and worked behind the counter at the now defunct Lucky Spin Record Store (UK). With access to the studio next door and in-house engineer Pete Parsons (AKA Voyager) at the controls, Swift jumped at the valuable opportunity to learn new skills. 1992 saw the start of an 8 year DJ residency on Kool FM London, whilst at the same time he was regularly playing at events such as One Nation and True Playaz at ‘The End’ (a trendy London nightclub). He released tunes on other labels such as True Playaz, Frontline, Suburban Base, SOUR & K Power, before setting up his own label Charge Recordings. Formally playing under the alias Swift, the addition of “Mampi” to his name was not coincidental – the term meaning “big, strong and quick” depicts everything about him from his pure physique to his amazing “double-dropping” djing skills.

IC3 is one of the scene’s biggest characters a hugely popular versatile MC, equally respected and admired for his countless residencies around the globe at both liquid nights, breaks night and rave nights alike. Best seen alongside his good friend and partner in crime Mampi Swift, these ‘awesome twosome’ guarantee a high energy extravaganza. Now here is some info you might like to know about IC3 hes a qualified actor having studied Theatre at both Drama College and University. In his formative years he was in a number of plays and theatre productions and although since the millennium due to the lack of hours in a day he was reluctantly forced to put that passion on hold. In 2005 his passion for acting could no longer be ignored and was indeed resurrected, resulting in IC3 starring in a number of movies.

We got there at about 12 midnight, and Shock One were nicely warming the dance floor. Being a fairly cold night we decided to wait around the back of the club where the heaters were. Shock One played a great set, having the dance floor pretty much fully packed by 1am in time for Diamond D to step up. There was a nice size crowd at Heat by this point and with upstairs section open the club didnt seem to be too unpleasantly crowded. Diamond D showed once again why hes the main man behind Loaded Dice a flawless set comprising of old and new tunes, mixing in and out of funky rollers then into crazy dark stormers. MC Assassin hyped up the crowd up well as each minute passed in anticipation for the headline act.

At about 1:25am, Mampi stepped up to the decks a huge introduction came about and the dance floor filled up like a frenzy. The crowd cheered as Diamond D handed the decks over to Mampi and the destruction began, with him doing what he does best and not wasting a minute into it. Track after track, mix after mix, pure talent, relentless mixing and countless numbers of double drops gave the punters everything they wished for and this was only the beginning. IC3 provided much hype and his rhymes amped everyone up more and more as the set kept getting better and better. One of the more memorable mixes of the night was Mampis insane double drop of Blood Sugar by Pendulum and the old classic Bodyrock by Andy C and Shimon. The crowd absolutely loved it and screams and cheers could be heard among themselves as to how ridiculously good his mixing was. As good as it was though, I felt that Ive heard better from Mampi at previous events like Delirious Summer Festival in 2002 and the Ministry Annual Tour last year, but at the same time there was totally nothing to complain about it either. The double drop king had come and finished his set off brilliantly with the crowd just wanting more. With his set concluding and the Dub Alley boys stepping up, a whole flock of fans and punters managed to get autographs from Mampi and IC3 themselves.

The dance floor dispersed fairly quickly as Mampi had finished his set, but the Dub Alley boys representing themselves and EbbnFlow (a local midweek drum&bass gig at the Hyde Park Hotel) showed why they should keep on getting booked for events. They managed to bring back the crowd and showcased their signature wobbleriffic style of drum&bass. Hard, Fast, Dark and Wobbly – with some nice dubs in their set bringing the night to a close just past 5am. Id have to give these guys maximum respect for what they are doing for the local scene at the moment and Im sure Perth would love to see more of Dub Alley supporting at major events like this.

A superb night out and much thanks to Loaded Dice for putting on another memorable showcase of Drum&Bass.

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