The Temple feat. John Askew @ The V-Bar, Sydney (10/09/06)

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Sunday could not have been any worse for a day of clubbing. Having gone out the night before (and still suffering), combined with heavy rain and strong winds, it would have been the ideal choice to stay at home under the blankets.

As I arrived at The Temple however, it seemed that not even the worst of conditions could keep the crowd away from the event, who hosted it’s first international – UK tech-trance Dj John Askew.

Unfortunately, not knowing I was confirmed to review the event until I got there at 6.30pm, half my review is dependent on other people’s comments, and tracklistings. One way or another, this event was going to be reviewed!

Cameron O’Shea and Stama (who are always two djs to impress) opened the night with a more down-tempo set, before stepping aside for Scottie Richardson and Rossco. With the crowd lacking numbers, they played some oldies and goodies, including Tiesto ‘Dallas 4pm’, Armin Van Buuren feat. Racoon ‘Love you more’ and 4 Strings ‘Take me Away’.

Finishing with Scottie mixing Ottavani and Mark van Linden’s ‘Until Monday’, Patrik Carrera and Slim took over to warm up the bench for John Askew. These two rising local djs gave the increasing crowd one set I wish I hadn’t missed! Such a great choice of tunes, including Hemstock & Jennings ‘Crimson Soil’, Ozgur Can ‘Changed’ and Fred Baker ‘Lunar Eclipse’. Patrik also played one of his latest productions – Involved – a combination of hard, melodic, tech and tribal trance (yes, the track has it all!).

Speaking of Fred Baker, The Temple crowd were honoured to have in attendance – not only Fred Baker – but the German duo Kamui who, having played the nigh before at Transmission, came to spend their Sunday at the event.

My arrival was perfectly timed to see john Askew in the beginning of his set. After being amazed by him the week before at Sublime, I was filled with excitement to see him yet again.

Before I get into that though, upon my entry I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who had turned up tot he event. The place was absolutely packed, and it was hard to get from one side of the room to the other, despite the venue’s small size. It was great to see all the familiar faces as well as the new ones.

Back to Askew. I finally found my place on the floor, and willingly conformed to the enjoyment of John Askew and his dominating set. Staying true to his melodic and tech-trance sound, he masterfully mixed two and a half hours worth of great tracks – Lost World ‘A lifs elsewhere’, Nu-Nrg ‘Free Fall’ and Filterheadz ‘Santiago’. Askew even threw in a track from Trancetribe recordings, Thomas Colontonio ‘Enlighten’. The vibe from behind the dj booth, and from the crowd, could not have been any more perfect than what is was during Askew’s set – truly a memorable moment.

Before we knew it, Askew’s set was at an end, and the crowd slowly parted from the floor as Jumping Jack took over, continuing with a melodic set, and throwing in a bit of techno, tribal and electro. It seemed as though I like his set the most out of the room, and I continued to dance on through his set, despite the lacking numbers around me. Compared to the last time I saw him play, Jumping Jack had alot of energy behind the decks, and it is definitely the sort of set I would like to see him play every time.

Nothing though, could compare to the energy that Matrix and Shadower had at the end of the night. These two mixed up a powerful and driving set of old tunes and new tunes. With tracks like Carte Blanche ‘Veracocha’, Matt Darey ‘Liberation’ and Marcel Woods ‘Advanced’, these two did not allow me a break at all. And it may have been the end of the night, and the majority of the crowd had disappeared, but these two were jumping around as though they were still playing mainstage alongside Kamui at Transmission.

Rain, hail or shine, this event has proven it can stand against the best and the worse of conditions. The Temple is definitely ready to bloom this season, and all I have left to say is ‘Make The Temple your Sunday religion!’

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