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Saturday September 30th was a date that for Perth’s trance and hard dance community could not come soon enough! Big room trance events are sadly a rarity here thus the return of UK superclub Godskitchen to our shores was welcomed with unparalelled enthusiasm. Such was the hype and anticiption for this event that it sold out more than two weeks in advance, and punters were willing to pay in excess of $250 for a ticket. On the night’s a la carte menu were trance and hard dance legends Above & Beyond, Eddie Halliwell, Matt Hardwick and Cosmic Gate. The venue; Metro City. This night promised to be heavenly in every conceivable way.

My crew and I arrived just after 10pm. Unfortunately we missed out on Jon Noonan’s opening set, which is a shame as it is well known that Jon Noonan can serve up some of the best tech trance hors d’oeovres in town. The atmosphere inside Metro City was electric and why not? A night of pure trance passion and a celebration of the mighty West Coast Eagles’ first flag in 12 years was unfolding. Kenny L served his usual sumptuous slection of entres to keep the Godskitchen 06 massive satisfied. Looking around me I noticed there was a lack of visual splendour however there was the comforting thought that these were only early days yet. The crowd showed its immense appreciation when Kenny dropped one of the past year’s biggest delights; “Tracking Treasures Down” by Gabriel & Dresden.

The first of the main courses was to be provided by one of the UK’s most recognisable DJ’s; Matt Hardwick. Once the sidekick of Scott Bond whilst holding a famous residency at the mighty Gatecrasher, Matt Hardwick has since come into his own as a DJ and a producer. Hardwick’s set remained at a steady tempo throughout which was in fact quite pacey. Meaty beats with a creamy sauce and a non offensive aftertaste were the order of the day. True trance fans were treated to some of the most tantelising tunes all night, many of which were unrecognisable to even the most trained of ears. The crowd errupted emphatically when Matt dropped another one of 2006’s biggest anthems; “Exactly” by O’Callaghan & Kearney.

Above & Beyond took over at 12:30 to deliver the next main course. From start to finish their set was nothing short of inspiring, delectable and brilliant. If the set had any failing at all it was in that Above & Beyond chose not to play much by way of fresh material from their very own Anjunabeats imprint. It mattered not though as this crowd wanted anthems; obligingly Above & Beyond delivered. “Air for Life” (Above & Beyond’s colaboration with Andy Moor) and “Aalto – 5” sent the Godskitchen 06 crowd into overdrive. Above & Beyond could not have chosen a better way to open up proceedings than with these two trance bombs!

It could be said that Above & Beyond is the name which has almost single handedly saved melodic trance. Their set which flowed like a fine South West wine boasted a track list which might provide an excellent case point for this claim. “Beautiful Together” by Oceanlab (Signum on the remix) has every bit of beauty which trance is known for, the Sonicvibe pres. Vardan bootleg of Planet Funk’s “Chase the Sun” is a tune which seems to fortell the future of trance whilst Three Drives’ “Greece 2000” boasts tomorrow’s techy vibe alongside the kind of driving melody that has made trance what it is today. During the second half of Above & Beyond’s set I headed upstairs to the upper levels of Metro City. This is where I stayed for the rest of the night as up here I could dance to my heart’s content without people constantly pushing or bumping me. The view from up there proved to be just as breath taking as the music.

Before I knew it Above & Beyond’s set was drawing to a close. I was in truth a little bit disappointed that they didn’t play Super 8’s “Get Off” (an Anjunabeats tune which has been received very well by European audiences) but this was soon forgotten as the crowd went completley insane to Above & Beyond’s very own remix of “Silence” by Delirium and “Satelite” by Oceanlab (Above & Beyond fans will be familiar with the name Oceanlab as this used to be the production guise of Tony McGuinness and Jono Grant.) The sing-alongs to the chorus will forever stand out in my memory as a very special moment of the night.

Far from full up the Godskitchen 06 massive got ready to welcome the one, the only Eddie Halliwell. I’ll never forget how explosive his introductory track was; DJ Preach’s “Broken Inside.” Eddie Halliwell is truly a DJ’s DJ and the peoples’ DJ. He knows how to read the crowd like a book and then write the next few pages for it! After an explosive intro like that a few people needed to catch their breath, myself included, so Eddie dropped the pace a little and treated us all to a selection of bouncy techno. Watching Eddie behind the decks working his magic is a lot like waching James Zabiela and in my mind this is a fair comparison. His track selection s unique and varied, he has a sound of his very own and every track is re-edited on the fly. There is no doubt about it; Eddie is very much a part of the upper echelon of DJ’ing talent.

Following a short break from the dance floor I was once again lured back to the best dance space in the club; the upper levels as Eddie banged out Deep Voices’ “Imagenetic” and the deep, dark and furious “Incognition” by Ronski Speed and Stoneface & Terminal. The pumping tunes and crazy antics of Eddie continued and there was nothing that could stop him. Or was there? As Eddie banged away the music suddenly stopped. Was it a blackout? Was it a slight technical hitch? No, it was a repeat of what happenned some three years ago at the event of the same name. The fire alarm was activated for reasons unknown and as the club was evacuated no one was sure as to whether or not the event would continue. It was nothing serious however it must be noted that the security staff refused to open the fire exits. Not good form.

I do feel sorry for those who left with the thought that Godskitchen 06 would not continue as half an hour later it was on with the show once more. If not for this hault in proceedings Godskitchen 06 would for most go down as one of the most memorable trance nights ever in Perth. Eddie Halliwell seemed to lose the flow of his set but all the same he had heaps of fun behind the decks. He even made a tune out of the digital effects available to him which for some was painful noise but for others, myself very much included, it provided yet another memorable moment. Eddie Halliwell you are a star and I for one cannot wait ‘til you grace our shores again.

If the frenetic pace of Eddie’s set had continued, I would have carried on dancing. Cosmic Gate were given the honours of dishing up dessert for the Godskitchen 06 massive. The crowd and I were to be left a little bit disappointed though, as Cosmic Gate dropped the tempo dramatically. So much so that many punters staged a second evacuation. It is common knowledge that Cosmic Gate no longer bang out the harder edged stuff anymore and they have been responsible for some great productions and even DJ sets of late.

On this occasion, however, their performance would have been better received if they were the first of the internationals. Highlight tunes of their otherwise disappointing showing came in the form of their very own “Should Have Known” and Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Rank 1’s electro meets classical anthem “Life Less Ordinary.” I and so many others were expecting something with a little bit ore oomph hence the disappointment.

Godskitchen 06 came to a clos at 6 and as per usual it came all too quickly. I could have continued on dancing for hours afterwards especially if someone like Eddie Halliwell was playing! All in all this was a terrific instalment of Godskitchen and as stated would have been the best yet but for the fire alarm and the distinct lack of visual effects (Metro City is a club which looks incredible when a little bit of visual flair & effort is put in.) If only there were more big room trance events here in Perth! Once a year for an event like this just isn’t enough! Bring on Godskitchen 2007!


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soulreava said on the 5th Oct, 2006

YYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhh... GODSKITCHEN 2006 went OFF!!! Gee Frizz is right in all areas... especially about Eddie Halliwell.. Eddie brought life into Metro as soon as he stepped up to the mixers... never seen a crowd go off during a set like


DJ GeRmAn said on the 6th Oct, 2006

A mate of mine told me one of the amps blew, thats what she was told by the bouncer there who she's mates with Event of the year

Gee Frizz

Gee Frizz said on the 18th Oct, 2006

I wouldn't be at all suprised if an amp did blow with the way Eddie was thundering it out... :) For the most par the sound system was excellent on the night.


Lets_Go_Clubbing said on the 23rd Oct, 2006

Definatley one my best nights this year, Gods 06 was crazy!!! Thanks to the anticipation for this event and the eagles winning the premiership, the atmosphere really was electric. Pity about the alarm, and yes the visuals could have been alot better but