Sublime feat. Cor Fijneman & Mark Norman @ Home, Sydney (06/10/06)

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If you had attended the Sydney version of Godskitchen, you would have been left with a hankering for at least two things; namely, more European trance, and more of Home’s seriously stonking sound system. Cue Sublime last Friday night, which provided both, the former in the name of Tiesto’s Magik Music cohorts, Cor Fijneman and Mark Norman. Whilst I hadn’t been to Sublime for some period, I was hopeful that with a blend of the traditionally “softer” trance on the menu that Sublime might show its lighter side.

We arrived at Home around 11.30pm, and were greeted by a sparse populace, and Jumping Jack banging out some hard trance. Before we’d downed our first beverage, a swag of bass hungry youth had arrived and the previously empty dance floor had morphed into a mass of raving humanity. Some things never change. On the plus side, we were able to annex the best seat in the house; in this case, the downstairs couches that I’d spent many an hour making my best friend the previous Sunday morning. Seated as such, we were able to appreciate the dancing styles and skills of Sydney’s younger brigade; with special mention going to a young man in full clubbing regalia, complete with fluoro road worker vest (‘Welcome Back’ Jumping Jack – on the back), adorned with not a glow stick, but a torch. Classic!

Back to the music, Jumping Jack was delivering a set that only served to heighten his status, at least in my eyes, as Australia’s quintessential professional and technical trance genius. As the main fare grew closer, where he had started hard, he had soon toned it down. In the meantime, he’d belted out Kyau vs Albert’s anthemic “Are You Fine”, Ferry Corsten’s (feat Guru), “Junkie”, and a pounding rendition of “Café del Mar”, which despite the hard trance crew in tow, was saluted by all.

Cor Fijneman took over at 1am, and immediately cranked it up again. From the word go, it was apparent he’d be stupefying us with something just a little bit different. The first twenty minutes or so were a stop-start affair, riddled with breakdowns, then back into the pound. The next seventy were an expose of storming house, Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy”, soft psy-trance, Andain “Beautiful Things” remixed, trance, Marco V “False Light”, and some other stuff that was much harder still. Not content with bamboozling the crowd with this array, Fijneman threw in an absolute clinker with a remix of Oh Yeah’s “Yellow”; better known as the theme song to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Whilst it was hard to gauge the musical connection to the great Tiesto, we did note one striking similarity; Fijneman’s movements behind the decks. If he dropped 10kg and wore a Tiesto face-mask, no one would ever know it wasn’t the leviathan himself!

Mark Norman soon joined the fray and immediately sent things in the beautiful, driving trance direction, tantamount to which, was his own, “Colour My Eyes”. It was at this point I remembered this review, and in doing so thought it pertinent to take a peek at what was going on elsewhere in the club. Upstairs Kemuri and MC Losty were wowing a reasonably steady Beatfix room, and further up to Cargo where Ben Morris was delivering his own blend of Friday (Saturday) frivolities, where confusingly there were as many people jammed onto the S-E landing, as there were on the dance floor. All very strange.

I headed back downstairs for an earful of the more pleasing stuff, and was delighted with Norman’s efforts. His last hour bordered on the epic, with the highlight being Armin’s “Control Freak”, and the latest hyper-explosive, Euro goliath Sander van Doorn’s remix of the 4-String’s bomb “Take Me Away”. Norman finished up by dropping one of my all time favourites, Tiesto’s “Lethal Industry”, complete with extended intro, and finally Young Parisian’s “Jump the Next Train”.

With a partner keen to catch a few hours kip before Saturday morning house hunting, we headed for the door around 4am. Jumping Jack had produced another technical “ten”, Fijneman had satisfied, if not bemused, and Norman had delivered a set that would not have been out of place on the main GK line-up the previous Sunday. Meanwhile the kids kept raving, torched fluoro-man kept searching for something he’d never find, and we left with a familiar tune ringing in our ears; chik-chik-chikka-chick-aaaa oooooooohhhh yeaaaaaah.

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Nezzie said on the 10th Oct, 2006

Awesome review! You could not have captured it any better! It's a pity that Mark couldn't make it on the tour (whoever would have thought renovating was more important than us!) but Norman definitely provided! I also got the chance to talk to the i


cantinflas said on the 13th Oct, 2006

Great night had by my mates and I, but i dont know where you got the idea that JJ was playing hard trance. JJ's set started off with more of an electro sound which progressivly developed into some tech trance. I do agree with you on your last coments abou