Genesis feat. Vibrasphere @ The Winery, Brisbane (7/10/06)

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What I experienced on Saturday night was tremendous. I heard hard working DJs playing distinctive sets imbued with originality, high in integrity, and fun to dance to. The sets were appropriate for the time at which they were played, and as a part of the night as a whole.

Vibrasphere, the Swedish trance duo, were the main attraction of the night. The upstairs room filled quickly in the lead up to their first appearance of the night. If you don’t know Vibrasphere, then you are probably already thinking of cheesy lyrics with massive synths. Well, no. Vibrasphere are on the progressive tip, and produce an older style progressive trance at that. You would be closer if you thought about Northern Exposure by Sasha + Digweed, released in 1997, than most current producers and DJs. There are some similarities with Leama & Moor, especially on the album Vibrasphere released this year, Archipelago.

The sound played on Saturday night was lighter, but not quite as light as on their album, with space to breathe, but full enough to engage, and under-written by energizing rhythms. Repetitive melodic riffs run through the tracks producing the state for which trance was originally known. The set was beautiful and energizing without being overpowering. And the dance floor was full with happy smiling people.

Treadgold and Audiblematter had the two previous DJ spots, and both played enjoyable psytrance. Psytrance can get very weird, but at the early part of the night, they both kept it very accessible with interesting elements in the music without the squeaks, sqirks and strangeness overtaking the proceedings. I felt their sets were well pitched for the main event to come, and for the time of night.

Altered Vision, taking over from Vibrasphere, upped the energy and took the floor up another couple of notches. As his set progressed, the crowd let go, with glasses sliding down the nose (no, not mine) and smiles beaming. This party was a success musically and socially.

I bounced off downstairs from time to time to check out some locals I have seen from their early days at the Resonate parties. Jex played a highly innovate set that again defied being shoe-horned into a style box. The core had a progressive trance feel, but the tracks he played were unique – they have elements that are slightly off kilter, and thus intriguing. He put together a fantastic set, and is worth catching if you get the opportunity.

One of ITM’s favorites, Angus Gibbins, played a solid progressive trance set, demonstrating his ability to pitch his music appropriately for the event. He pulled out a couple of local productions by Nick Galea & Native and tyDi. I have heard Angus play a number of times over the last two years, and while he can bang it out, and get a room driving with a strong euphoric edge, Saturday night illustrated his ability to keep it contained. He also demonstrated humor, ending with Yello!

Anarchy then built the energy. This DJ blew me away the first time I saw him as he built his set with the control of a master. On Saturday night he played around with his set, but of what I heard, maintained a progressive feel, albeit with a sound somewhat harder and the energy higher than Angus. The night was flying well.

But I am old. I was not able to stay though to hear all the music on offer, and walked off into the cool night for the short walk home and my bed. Genesis was a successful party. It was very friendly, with excellent music, and DJs who performed their jobs with intelligent musicality.

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