Fibre Events pres. King Unique @ Sugar, Adelaide (10/11/06)

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One thing I’ve found in Adelaide since being back from overseas is a good number of talented yet not quite household names gracing our city. King Unique is one such talent, a producer I admittedly knew little about before his gig. I must say, I am well glad I attended this one.

On stepping through the club doors at Sugar, we were greeted by pumping, yet soothing sounds of progressive house. Mal Chia blended this with some new age house and funk and made the punters smile and bop. This vibe continued through the ‘team effort’set of Lachy Pender, Tim Carter and Mal Chia. There were solid tracks a-plenty, with the flavours ranging from dark, deep house to techy funk. The dancefloor was starting to rock with the powerful feel emanating from the speakers.

The locals carried this through until 1:30am when King Unique take the spotlight. I was impressed with what I saw. The fact that this was a live set and not a DJ set was what made it all the more better. King Unique saw the time of night was right to move it forward a gear and stepped up the tempo with nice touches of electro-funk house. I must say I did like the 303 sounds used on more than several of his tracks. It is great to see the 303 drum machine sounds back on the main stage with many producers at present and it always has that real raw edge.

At times, King Unique’s set went through some uplifting chords but never lost the drive or the funk. Almost industrial sounds also kept the energy resurging throughout the set and these reminded me of the Dirty House sounds from a few years back from HMC. Live acts are always refreshing to see after scores of DJ sets but rarely have I seen a live act kick it so well and consistently for hours on end. I would have to say this was one of the best live acts I have seen for years. It was also awesome to hear some of the early 90s old school house influence in a couple of the tracks and the set even started to tip toward a progressive edge near the end.

Although funk was the main ingredient, there were house sounds from the whole spectrum of dance which is what made for such a gripping set. Going home with a satisfied feeling, knowing that the night had exceded your hyped expectations is always gratifying… and it lasted the whole drive home. King Unique is a real master and one to look forward to when he comes back to Adelaide next. A big thanks to the Fibre boys for another wicked event.

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