2006 DMAs @ Home, Sydney (17/11/06)

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The Australian Dance Music Awards (DMA’s) have come around again for 2006, and this year were sponsored by Allen & Heath. A room full on industry types, some minor celebrities and an eclectic mix of general public, meant that the crowd was a mixture; either people looking and pointing at who they could spot, and the other half getting drunk on the free booze. So, what do a DJ, producer, club owner or agent all have in common? They will all gladly accept free alcohol when it is offered to them! And offered to them it was, in abundance, with the green wristband for VIP a pass to the sweet liquid nectar that flows from heavenly beer taps, making it more than just a status symbol.

But there were no egos here, everyone was equal, and so everyone was suitably impressed when Krystal from Big Brother turned up with her mum. Performances by Deepchild, Kobra Kai and the Midnight Juggernauts were all equally impressive; however the standout performance was from Sneaky Sound System, who once again won over audiences with their thrilling set. They performed all their big hits from their self titled debut, including Pictures and I Love It. Connie is a true performer and her voice, as well as the band’s musical ability, is destined to do big things internationally.

Home nightclub did well to organise and collaborate with 3DWorld to host this year’s event, however it was not without its hiccups. Firstly, the audio visual setup was impressive, however unorganised, with music often not available when requested by the presenters (Nicole Fossati, in particular, battled on valiantly as the host, brought in at the 11th hour when Mike Kerry called in sick). Award winners were also often shown on the big screen before they were even announced. The acts often weren’t ready to perform at their designated times, with delays in setup meaning all the MC could do was to stall the crowd for time or ask people to come up and dance.

The Hilltop Hoods were big winners on the night (Best Single, Best Album, Best Producer, Best Remix, Best Live Act, Best Hip Hop Act), and it was disappointing that the band couldn’t be there to accept the awards or prepare a video acceptance speech. But more importantly, what’s with people attending an awards show and talking all the way through it? Even people in the front row couldn’t hear what was being said onstage. Other notable winners were The Presets for Best Video Clip, Midnight Juggernauts for Best Debut Artist, Modular pres. Leave Them All Behind for Best Compilation, and Tiga & Ajax’s inthemix.05 CD for Best Mix.

The coveted best DJ award went to the man who has taken out the 3DWorld best DJ title the previous 3 years running, as well winning this year’s inthemix50 DJ Poll; Ajax! He was also unfortunately not there to accept the award, but you can be certain he was very happy with another win under his belt.

Other awards on the night were people’s choice categories, with the Best Event title taken out by the Big Day Out, and the Best International DJ won by James Zabiela. Club nights and DJ, state by state, were:

Best Club Night – People’s Choice
NSW/ACT – Kink
VIC – One Love
QLD – Saturdays @ Family
WA – Saturdays @ The Church

Best DJ – People’s Choice
NSW/ACT – Ajax
VIC – John Course
QLD – Baby Gee
SA – Debris
WA – Kenny L

Later on the after party kicked in, and DJs playing included seasoned pros Nik Fish and Amber Savage, as well as Queenslanders the Stafford Brothers kicking right off after the awards were complete. I shared my thoughts with a chap called ‘Keg’ on the Terrace, agreeing that we’d had an enjoyable night and that the performances were all fantastic. Whilst the actual awards ceremony itself seemed a little unorganised, the performances made up for it.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners at this year’s DMAs. With so much new talent and competition constantly emerging, just to be nominated was a big enough honour. Let’s see what new talent 2007 brings.


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Comment Added

Deepchild said on the 21st Nov, 2006

Totally agree (and this is coming from a minimal tech/dub/micro-house/electro head remember!) that Sneaky really took the bull by the horns - a really stylish, engaging performance. I was really very impressed. Not usually my style of entertainment but I


angelj said on the 21st Nov, 2006

Awesome sets by Sneaky, Jugganauts and Kobra Kai, but disgusting behaviour by the crowd (I guess that's what you get when nearly every person there is a VIP). Poor organisation of the event however (in terms of AV/Sound etc) unfortunately lowered the pro