Cansai se der sexy @ Revolver, Melbourne (05/01/2007)

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It’s Friday night in Melbourne, at the height of summer. It’s time for holidays, warm nights, hard partying and pop mythology. And tonight, it’s also time for Melbourne’s first taste of indie-dance pop sensations CSS, having caused an insta-blow up in the US and Europe in 2006 going from tiny supports to massive headline gigs , and in the process charming audiences everywhere.

Additionally, it’s also one of the warmest summer nights. Outside at 11pm it’s around 26 degrees. Inside a very packed Revolver, it’s closer to 40 degrees, and is at capacity when I walk in so I’m forced to see the show from the ticket booth. Peering in, I can see a room full of 500 or more savvy cuties and well managed haircuts, and they seem clued in to the CSS hype. Young and Restless are the warm up band, but unfortunately I arrive too late to see them. However, they seem to be causing a bit of a buzz so maybe have a look at their myspace to see what you think. Hot tip: their biggest track is called Satan.

CSS hit the stage incredibly punctual at the advertised time of 11.30pm, to what seems to be a rapturous response. As is often mentioned in reviews, Lovefoxxx is tiny up there, but steals the show with her cheeky awkward enthusiasm from moment one. Dressed in skintight leopard print and some kind of elvis-heyday inspired fringed cloak she coos, shimmys, struts, shouts, stage dives, pulls shapes and sings her way into the audiences favour. Sometimes behind her the rest of CSS seem to fade into a Favela funk blur, until drummer/producer (the seriously moustachioed Adriano) takes front stage with her on bass for Art Bitch (which sounds better live than on record, methinks) and crowd favourite Let’s Make Love and the energy seems to go into overdrive.

‘CSS’ album tracks make up a fair portion of the repertoire, including Alcohol, Music is my Hot Hot Sex, Fuck off… and it goes down a treat with the crowd from beginning to encore’s end. But, to bring it back to this intrepid soul balancing off the back of the ticket booth, afterwards what struck me most about this gig was that it was all about the fun. This was not a night they’ll remember forever, it’s not a band they’ll still be treasuring when they’re 50. But for now, it was hot hot CSS and that’s really what counts.

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