Depth Charge Hard Dance Cruise, Sydney (27/01/07)

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With the silly season over and the dregs of the first weeks of January feeling like a distant memory, Australia party goers looked fondly upon the Australia Day long weekend with an eagerness and excitement borne from having a few quiet (-er and -ish) weeks. Having recharged the batteries (and the brain cells) we were all ready and waiting for more dance floor mayhem. ‘Bring it on!’ they cried…

Having that extra day off work (a most valuable asset to this special weekend I think we’ll all agree) made it a particularly popular weekend to throw a party and whether you’re catering for 55,000 or 200, the mixture of ingredients is critical. The Regime Productions team (Justin and Denham) are hugely passionate about the music and bringing new and diverse styles to the masses. They work extra hard to bring the latest hard dance/trance music to Sydney, a difficult feat when the scene is so overwhelmed with other styles bearing more of a funky and electro nature.

I was really looking forward to the Depth Charge Boat Party on Saturday 27th January. Following my Big Day Out shenanigans, which were fantastic but incorporated a lot of wandering around like a nomad, I was looking forward to a good old stomp. Regime’s offering was a 5-hour boat party, followed by the Depth Charge after party on Home Terrace and then if that wasn’t enough, free entry into Home nightclub for the Crystal Method’s BDO follow up event. Blimey, these guys know how to package a deal!

Typically the Regime parties start off with full, chunky beats gradually building up and up and up to the harder stuff. Anticipation, suspense, expectation….call it what you will, these guys are masters at creating, building and maintaining.

So Saturday morning, we all arrive bright and bushy tailed to the Star City Casino wharf prior to the designated 12pm kick-off time. Mingling under the trees we awaited the arrival of the ‘Southern Star’ boat: a 2-deck, 200-capacity cruiser – our party palace for the next five hours. Upon boarding most people headed straight to the upstairs bar for refreshments and we left the wharf shortly after all with drinks in hand and smiles on dials.

First on the decks was Kio, resident at the popular electro house event Seamless. Kio’s musical blend of electro/progressive beats are proving to be hugely popular on the Sydney dance floors and once again he did not disappoint. He played a mixture of layered electro house, bringing to the fold a whole host of new and exciting tunes, with dirty reverberating bass lines entangled with deliciously unique electronic samples. Kio took a sidestep away from his more usual minimal techy style and it proved to be very popular with those on board. A big thumbs up!

Juztice (aka Justin DJ/Promoter extraordinaire and one half of the Regime duo) was next up to the wheels of steel and sped up the pace to a harder trance style. His combination of new and remixed driving tunes had the revelers pumping and his excellent track selection invigorated the crowd. Unfortunately Patrik Carerra wasn’t on board to perform his set however the Regime team played extended sets to cover the extra time slot and did a fine job.

It was then over to Micky D, a regular favourite at the Frantic parties and a very hot DJ on the hard dance scene. He popped out a vast array of harder, bouncier tunes, remixing a few oldies (one of my all time favourites Everyday by Agnelli & Nelson ) along with lots of high energy new tracks.

Seismic (aka Denham, the other half of the Regime duo) stepped up to the decks and started with a signatory intro to get us all in the mood. He picked the tempo up quickly and certainly lived up to his namesake with his hard and fast repertoire, rocking the dance floor and uplifting the BPM’s leaving us gasping for more.

Just after 5pm the Southern Star pulled into the wharf where the general public looked on aghast at the thumping music and Duracell bunnies bouncing around on the boat. From here everyone made their merry little way to Home Terrace for the after party and further harder, faster tunage.

Overall these guys did an excellent job pulling off a hard dance boat party on the Australia Day long weekend. Admittedly they were down on numbers – a further 50 people would have topped things off nicely – however the general atmosphere on the boat was friendly and fun and everyone had a smile throughout. The crew on the boat were great and bopped around to the DJs – a hard day’s work (ha!). The weather wasn’t too shabby, a bit choppy at times on the harbour but that just adds to the bouncing fun.

The music these guys rock out is enough to get anyone up off their seat and stomping on the dance floor. Nice work boys, look forward to the next one!

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