Future Classic Label Night @ Melt, Sydney (04/03/07)

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Ever heard one of those almost mystical jokes that can make you laugh no matter how many times you hear it? There’s this one about an elephant that seriously makes me lose it, every time. This same kind of unfailing quality can be applied to the feeling I get whenever I end up at Melt – this club always seems to provide classic base stock for a good night out, whatever the occasion. It had a particular buzz to it on Saturday evening, being the farewell shindig for Future Classic Label Night, with the entire crew on board for a big fat group-hug-style farewell before they rack off to the dirty dancefloors of Europe.

Riding on the back of a Mardi Gras haze, we rolled in off the street just in time to catch the warm-up set from Jamie Lloyd and Jimi Polar. Their ambient banter, overlaid with jazzy vocals and gritty sounds played like a fat housewife squeezing you into her warm, generous bosom. It would have been all too easy to be consumed by the welcoming excitement of the set, yet showing some restraint at this point was a wise move, knowing what else the line-up had to offer.

The Stick Figures tagged-in next, to charge up an energetic, playful and entirely appreciative crowd. The three-piece worked their technically intense electro sounds via a complex set-up that included a drum machine, live keyboards and more little twiddly knobs than you’d find up the back of a school bus. The effect was as impressive as you’d expect from these lads, and the evening turned into one of those rare, charmed ones – the kind where old friends randomly appear, the crowds go off, the drinks keep flowing and inhibitions fall to the ground.

Deepchild (Rick Bull) was up next, to separate the disco-dabblers from the hardcore. Driving a wild, grinding tech beat and stealing into a number of other genres, he led the more devoted crew through a series of limb-flailing, shoulder-shaking, emu-strutting moves that was both hilarious and marvelously entertaining to watch.

The Future Classic boys may shortly be heading off to chase the sunshine on the other side of the planet, but not without leaving behind a little farewell gift. Their final night at Melt was also a celebration of their latest compilation, Future Classic Exclusives, something to presumably remember them by while they’re causing a ruckus among the best in the business in that distant foreign land.

Send us a postcard, boys, we’ll miss you.


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