Interview vs Push @ Tilt, Melbourne (24/03/07)

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Oh, there was such a build up and a lot of eagerness surrounding this night, a coming together of two of Melbourne’s party institutions, Interview and Push. Saturday vs Sunday, Party vs Recovery, call it what you will, it promised something special!
It was definitely one of the biggest line-ups for an Interview or Push line-ups, featuring regulars such as Ben Evans and Blinky, but also guests such as Katie Drover.
I arrived there at about 12am and the place was packed! It was rammed right to the door and although upstairs wasn’t opened yet, it was busier than normal. Up on the decks were Luke Porter and Andrew Campbell. Having the benefit of a loud and clear sound system, it really showed off the sound that they were playing. It was progressive, with some lighter elements as such; very fun music but quality none the less. They were certainly enjoying it and so was the crowd, they were all lapping it up! But that’s typical Interview.
Soon after I got in, upstairs was opened and Virginia Le and Julian Reynolds were up. For some strange reason I never saw Julian up on the decks even though he was lurking around there, I only managed to catch Virginia. I have said before that she is one of my favourite DJs going around and this night was no different. One of the highlights was Daft Punk’s Around The World. I actually never thought I would hear it out and how it would work but it really did!
Trying to be all places at once, I went back downstairs and Jeremy K was playing. Taking off from the boys, Jeremy kept the pace up and kept it banging, but with a slightly more trancey sound. After Jeremy, Katie Drover was up and I was slightly surprised because I had only heard her play house. Alas, I shouldn’t have been, it was quality all the way.
When Katie was on, Shaun Rowland and JulePLees were on upstairs. One way to lift the energy is to get Jules behind the decks, awesome all the way and these two really played some great tunes. Picking up the pace it was more uplifting trance yet deeper but happy (if I can use that word) all the way.

Shaun and JulePlees, it was the man himself – Ben Evans playing vs with Denham. I was pleasantly surprised to here the Eric Prydz remix of Good Life by Inner City, it worked and the crowd loved it. I also urge you to not miss Blinky… if you haven’t already seen him; he is well worth checking him out when you get a chance. Playing live with ableton and controller, the energy of the music, the flow, the sounds are just fantastic. The material is all original too so you know you are listening to something special.

A couple of notes that I have to put here, the crowd, WOW, such a friendly crowd and so up for it created a great vibe. Also, to the DJs I missed playing, including Little Chris, Jed and Nevin vs Thad, I have had reports from various people that there was just as great as the DJs I saw, I would expect nothing more.

Words do not really do this party justice, the combined efforts of Push and Interview were indescribable. All I can say is that next time either of them is on, together or not, you get your ass down there!

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