Transmission Next Gen DJ Comp Finals @ Vbar, Sydney (13/05/07)

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For months now up-and-coming DJs have been battling it out at Vbar on Sunday afternoon, all competing for the chance to play a main stage set at the upcoming Transmission Magic City party, as well as a slot at the side house stage. And last Sunday saw it all drawing to a close with the winners decided upon and announced…

For the house DJ competition, it had been narrowed down to four finalists… A small but vocal crowd was present to cheer along the competitors, in what for them represented end of a long journey to find the Holy Grail. Whether or not they won or lost, they were all going to be rewarded with an opportunity to play in one of the side rooms at Transmission. But in order to secure the chance to play on one of the two major stages, this was their final test.

Nik Mila was first to jump behind the decks and party breaks was the flavour of his set, starting off with a Jay Z and Linkin Park remix followed a little later by some scratching over the top of Queen’s We Will Rock You. Gavin DeMyer was up next to funk up the party, mixing Ciara’s track 1, 2 step into The Egg’s Walking Away while enjoying his time behind the deck. Loads of creativity, but lacking smoothness in his transition at times which was an area where he failed to deliver consistently (even if he did finish off with the Chemical Brothers classic Block Rockin’ Beats ).

Sean Noreiks had made his second trip down from Queensland in a number of weeks to compete, and he explored the deeper, techier side of house while adding his own twist. Showing great concentration and the technical mastery to match, Sean delivered a consistent yet energetic set with precise track selection. Last up was Robbie Jackson, dropping the David Guetta track The World is Mine, following on soon after with the Commander Tom track Attention. He definitely grabbed the audience’s attention with his antics behind the decks, and he finished his set off in style with some scratching. Although the competition was tough with only a couple of judging points between the results, Sean Noreiks was the clear winner due to the technical mastery and consistency in his set.

In the trance/hard dance final, Toxic was first up in working out the back speakers of the Vbar. Delivering a bass-heavy set filled with plenty of nasty hardstyle selections, he even scratched over the top at some points to show off his abilities to the loyal fans cheering him on to the very end. The Anarchist put in a good attempt behind the decks, playing a real mixture of hardstyle favourites, while The Horror showed a lot of energy with great track selection and mixing consistency. Even though hardstyle can difficult music to listen to at times, it couldn’t take away from the technical excellence that the latter DJ displayed, finishing off with a momentous Sensation Black sample from Catscan.

Lastly DJ Spinout was up, and he differentiated himself from the previous three finalists by playing mostly hard trance. A nice change to say the least… Scratching over several tracks in his set, he finished off with Marco V’s Red, Blue, Purple over the top of a Salt’n’Pepper sample. But in the end the winner was The Horror, showing us why he has exactly what it takes to be playing the main stage at Transmission.

Well done to all competitors, organisers and judges who help made the 2007 Transmission DJ Competition so successful. Can’t wait for next year‘s competition and see you all at Magic City!

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dj-adz said on the 21st May, 2007

Well done contestants, congratulations to winners and runners up. See ya's at Magic City!