Bourgeois Bogan Prom #3 @ The Bakery, Perth (30/06/07)

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It’s a shame school proms can’t be interesting: teachers standing around inspecting the fruit punch for traces of spiking, crappy music beaten out of a gramophone and a five meter barrier between genders. Thanks to the Bourgeois Bogan crew, beings who love formals worth remembering and have embraced their retro eighties heritage have the opportunity to relive a retro prom night every year at the Bourgeois Bogan Prom night.

As a sold out event at the bakery its obvious the Prom hits the nail on the head as far as appeal is concerned with its new wave/electro/grunge lineup which moistens any retro taste buds.

With Birds of Paradise as the opening live act, a female duo on keyboard and drums, the night’s crowd was only just starting to reach real capacity. The majority of the punters were located in the ‘Powerbox’ room which had the main performances and the main bar. However, the Bakery’s extension was also turned into a dance floor of its own with DJ’s performing throughout the night playing hits designed to please goers who preferred to dance in a little less crowded area. Some romantic prom dates made out in the dark corners. Outside the queue was growing with well dressed punters. Males with long fringed hair and suites, a farmer and a gusty gentlemen wearing lepeordskin tights. The female guests were dressed in anything closely resembling the retro ages. Some wearing ball gowns while others choosing the Pat Benatar style of fashion and one young lady as the mirror image of Blondie, yes the queue itself was a blast from the past.

After the audience had a chance to build up in front of the stage for prime viewing positions for the night ahead and dance to Amnesia Effect’s sampled tracks, the host, one of those retro weird looking, high pitched voice comedians, came out to introduce the first main act of the night, Electric Limosine. Being part of the ‘new wave’, indie-electro genre, Electric Limosine, a four piece local act using the combination of multiple keyboards, guitar and different singers make them quite a dynamic group. Electric Limosine certainly held Bourgeois’ retro-electro reputation, especially with their loved songs Awkward Wasted and Sweat it Off making the room dance in assortments of rigid Joy Division dancing techniques and easy digital grooving.

After their short set Electric left the stage with quite a cheer as the tracks of Amnesia Effect allowed the bodies to still mingle and dance and multiply in number for the biggest set of the night, Muscles.

As an independent young artist from Melbourne muscles is another artist riding on the back of the new wave music burst. His fast, meaningful lyrics and his novelty electro voice are so appealing to any fans of this type of music. A bit of a disruption from a rowdy audience member in the beginning of the set knocking over his keyboard and having his microphone thrown into the audience didn’t deter Muscles at all as he quickly resumed playing happily. Of course his hit, Icecream , which is currently getting a lot of radio play at the moment, would be the most well known song. However, his rapidly growing piece, One Inch Badge Pin , had some people singing along to every word.
For a relatively new artist on the scene Muscles certainly has quite a high reputation thus his constant touring circle bringing him back to Perth in a month’s time.

Muscles finished his set to allow for a fifteen minute break in which a few Petrosex tracks were played. On stroke of midnight the Prom King and Queen were announced and did their five second romantic dance before the headlining act Young & Restless came out on stage.

Taking the night into a grungy stage, the Young & Restless front woman, Karina Utomo, screaming out her lungs in Satan , with the two guitarists riffing away alongside her, created a different type of dance in comparison to the previous acts. Nonetheless, they knew how to grab attention with their big-band sound.

If, in any circumstance, punters were getting bored toward the end of the night there certainly was no need to, as in one room Pogo from digitalism was being mixed by the DJ’s and a full three hours of Riot In Belgium were played in the other room.

A sure sign of the success of the event could be the sellout of tickets, or it could be hands shown in the room when asked if they were going to come to the 2008 Bourgeois Bogan Prom. Yes, all hands were raised.

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