2007 Urban Music Awards @ Luna Park, Sydney (14/08/07)

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This year’s Urban Music Awards was attended by a few of the scene’s up and coming artists, an even smaller amount of industry people who were willing to sacrifice their Tuesday night TV, and some grateful fans who got their hands on the limited public tickets. For those who did sacrifice an episode of All Saints or the slow talking David Caruso in CSI: Miami, they were in for a tight two-and-a-half hour show hosted by former Sydney King’s player Rodney O and 96.1 announcer Lizzy Lovette.

All the winners kept their speeches short (always an awards night plus), the live performances were smooth, and the award presenters kept the night flowing. But, if there was one thing that made the night notable, it was who wasn’t there. The Hilltop Hoods, winners of ‘Best Hip Hop Album’ for The Hard Road and ‘Best Hip Hop Group’ didn’t attend. Neither did Australian Idol’s first winner Guy Sebastian, who won ‘Best R&B Album’ for Closer to the Sun. Also on the ‘who didn’t attend’ list were old school hip hop group Naughty by Nature and LA rapper The Game, both of whom were scheduled to perform on the night.

Despite being snubbed by a few notables, there were plenty of peeps decked out in designer hoodies and oversized bling to make up for the loss. Plus, if there were any more people at the Luna Park venue, there wouldn’t have been any room for people to make over-exaggerated hand gestures while they spoke. D’you know what I’m sayin’? The performance highlight of the night was from Sydney band King Farook, who got the crowd reaching an almost raucous cheer. Foreign Heights also got bodies moving with their performance. It’s more than can be said for the other performers who were only able to coax limp “woos” from the punters.

Overall, it was an improvement on last year’s event which was held at Sydney’s Homebush Stadium. The organisers had overestimated the interest in the first ever awards and were stuck with a noticeably unfilled venue. The scaled-down 2007 awards were perfect for the growing scene, and a good effort for only its second year. Here’s a list of the UMA nominees and winners…

Best Hip Hop Single
Cats, Rats & Pigeons – Jackson Jackson
Feel Good – Figgkidd
Hold On – Phrase WINNER
The Hard Road – Hilltop Hoods

Best R&B Single
5 Days of Rain – Deni Hines
Like it Like That – Neska
My Girl – Israel WINNER
Walk My Way – Chong Nee

Best Hip Hop Album
Exit Strategy – Astronomy Class
Rookie Card – PNC
The Foundation – 4 Corners
The Hard Road – Hilltop Hoods WINNER

Best R&B Album
Closer to the Sun – Guy Sebastian WINNER
Just Getting By On Love – Chong Nee
Stripes – Kid Confucius
Superwoman – Paulini

Best Male Artist

Best Female Artist
Jade MacRae WINNER

Best New Talent
Foreign Heights
Justice & Kaos WINNER

Best Hip Hop Group
4 Corners
Bliss n Eso
Def Wish Cast
Hilltop Hoods WINNER

Best R&B Group
Kid Confucius WINNER
Nesian Mystik

Best Radio Show
Nesian Vibes – Groove 101.7FM
Stolen Records – Fbi 94.5 FM WINNER
Trailblazin’ – The Edge 96.1 FM, Groove FM Perth, Raw FM network
Hip Hop Show – Triple J

Best Video Clip
Cats, Rats and Pigeons – Jackson Jackson
Get Yours Remix – Foreign Heights
Hold On – Phrase WINNER
Turn it up – DJ Sir-Vere

Best Producer
Styalz Fuego
Jan Skubiszewski

Urban Hero Award
No nominees – winner only
Doug Williams WINNER

Best-Unsigned Artist
Jess Harlen WINNER

Best Club Night (Australia)
411 Pumphouse, Sydney
Redroom, Sydney WINNER
Soulclap, Melbourne
XO, Hunter Bar, Sydney

Best Club Night (New Zealand)
Escapism, Safari Lounge
Hennessy on Wyndham
Rnb Superclub @ The Float WINNER

Best DJ (Australia)
DJ Eko
DJ Havana Brown
DJ Nino Brown WINNER
DJ Peter Gunz

Best DJ (New Zealand)
DJ Manchoo
DJ P-Money
DJ Reminise


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