Hyper @ Brown Alley, Melbourne (31/8/07)

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Well big things were expected out of Guy Hatfield, better known amongst music circles as the infamous HYPER after storming into Melbourne for the Inthemix birthday bash last year. It has been almost a full 12 months since he’d last graced our shores and expectations were high as to what he’d treat us to this time after such a cranking set last time round. The supporting lineup was amazing as well with something in the vicinity of 21 DJs over 3 rooms set to treat our ears to some aural orgasms.

There were a couple of things that struck me when we arrived at Brown Alley in that neither the back entrance nor the front entrance was open. Instead there was a second front door entrance to the right of the main door that led to a set of stairs and a couple of rooms I’d never set foot in before. The main floor downstairs was not utilized which seemed a tremendous waste. Especially when consideration is given to the fact that the space, which would have been perfect as a big old floor for a stomping dance session, was instead utilized by a number of trashed folk threatening to tear their vocal cords in horrendous karaoke sessions. So my main gripe you could say was that the space was under-utilized.

After a brief foray into the two TINY (we’re talking 100 ppl) side rooms on the way up the stairs we made it to the top floor, which at least for tonight, was the main room. Even at 12:30 there was a decent crowd there making use of the dancefloor and seeming to be on the whole, enjoying themselves.

I had trouble finding a setlist so at the time I didn’t know who was playing up until Hyper took to the wheels of steel. The acts before him played some solid tunes but the electro house vibe so prevalent these days was obvious yet again. It seems devastatingly clear that house music is taking over Melbourne. Whilst it used to be on designated nights in certain clubs it then moved into institutions like the Prince and Queensbridge Hotel through nights like One Love and Famous. Now fans must endure house peppered through breaks sets like anchovies on a pizza. Whilst some people love them, if it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing.

So when Hyper took to the stage amidst a few cheers of appreciation from the crowd it was nice to know that a pretty much straight up breaks set would ensue. It did. He played another amazing set mixing up all spectrums of the breaks genre from jumping from techy breaks to some party friendly funky breaks stylings without a pause. The crowd responded well to the set with the dance floor swelling to capacity. Time seemed to stand still whilst he cranked out his set and the hour and a half that he played breezed by before I’d even noticed.
After Hyper’s set it was time for me to make tracks at the far too reasonable time of 4:30(work commitments ruining my weekend again). In any case I left Brown Alley with a smile on my face knowing that I’ve seen a true master of his genre play another amazing set.


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mogmac said on the 12th Sep, 2007

man, an accurate review dude IMO. blueprint and jono frenandez played D O P E breakbeat before hand... completely outclassed hyper as did danny bonnicci postHYPER. i mean hyper wasnt bad but HE was the one leading toward the more 4x4 style rockey electrot


ballist1c said on the 17th Sep, 2007

It was an outstanding night all in all... every DJ bought something different and completely rocking to the table. I was ridiculously impressed by Blueprint as usual, and I appreciated the set Hyper bought along too... definitely something a little diffe