Brad Strut @ Colonel Light Hotel. Adelaide (30/09/07)

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Everybody loves a long weekend. And a quality hip hop show only makes it sweeter. Labour Day is an annual holiday celebrated all over the world thanks to the labour union movement. As a reward for all our hard work, we were not only granted a public holiday and extended weekend but treated to Brad Strut as part of his ‘Legend: Official National Tour’. Beginning as a mild Sunday evening, the Strutter was set to heat things up something fierce.

After a blazing solo set at The Cypher in March 2006 and fresh off the bat of his latest offering, Legend: Official, Strut pulled a most impressive crowd. Upstairs at the Colonel Light fondly known as The Cypher when hip hop is in the house was full to the brim. The shear body heat was almost unbearable as the sweaty, stifling venue only got sweatier and more stifling – not to mention the testosterone levels, although, there was a reasonable turnout of the fairer sex for such a unrefined, uncompromising Australian rapper. With new lighting rigs and two plasma screens coupled with an earth moving audio system the scene was set for a firestorm of a night.

Paws-1 sparked things off as the fire ignited. We were then kindled with a live showcase of Battlehogg Kansel’s latest mixtape. Local luminaries BVA, 2Biz, Evolve and K21, Purpose, Bornski, Patti and Conseps joined by Motion warmed things up and the temperature only continued to rise. Justice kept the hip hop searing before WA’s Clandestien added their fuel to the fire. Mortar, Graphic and Tommohawk spat raw lyrical skill while the crowd lapped it up like the flames of wildfire. Resident rappers Damo and Words kept the blaze alight with a scorching set.

The inferno came to a scalding head when the Strutter took to the stage. With a joint tucked behind his ear and beer in hand, he swaggered across the stage and assumed position. Without hesitation nor introduction Strut brought the heat with opener Beast on the Mic. Right-hand man, Big Zed doubled as a deejay and hypeman as he also cued Strut’s tunes. Almost overwhelmed by the crowd’s response, Strut thanked a kind young girl for allowing him to sign her breasts and proceeded to complement her on her assets. After rocking to Shook Ones, Strut spat some Legendary: Official shit. Bounty Hunterz blistered the crowd before Strut offered the choice of new or old shit. The crowd enthusiastically begged for the latter much to his disappointment. One of the night’s highlights was Lyrical Commission anthem Carlton United Tragedy. The bass in the sub boomed and Strut had the crowd in the palm of his hands. He chanted “hands up, hands down” like Homer Simpson with a hospital bed remote. Then the show reached boiling-point. An attack on an apparent monopoly over hip hop in Australia, Strut had the whole crowd cheering “fuck the monopoly!” and left the mic smoking with Monopoly.

Strut’s impressive return from destroying shows in Europe and the UK was a show not to be missed. A one man army, Strut relentlessly fired his uncut lyrical arsenal. Casually sipping on a Coopers Sparkling the whole time, his professionalism is second to none. Vocally, Strut is as good as it gets. The Cypher was reduced to a smoldering pile of ashes, while I stumbled out char-grilled.

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Amayze said on the 13th Oct, 2007

"An attack on an apparent monopoly over hip hop in Australia, Strut had the whole crowd cheering “fuck the monopoly!” and left the mic smoking with Monopoly." Quite ironic considering what escalated outside after the show. Haha.