Club Club feat. Adam Beyer & Joel Mull @ Chinese Laundry, Sydney (01/12/07)

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Adam Beyer, founder of Drumcode Records, techno producer and world renowned DJ was finally back in Sydney and this time, preparing to tear up the Chinese Laundry with his unique style of loopy melodic techno. And he was bringing his right hand man Joel Mull with him too. Extreme excitement if ever it was any!

Beyer and Mull have a long history together – they met at the age of 16 and ever since then, their love of music has kept them close. Responsible for carving out a whole new genre of techno in their homeland of Sweden since the early nineties, these guys love a high hat, they love a loop and mostly they love pumping out warm, melodic and thumping techno wherever they go. And the world loves their brand of Swedish techno! For Beyer this has meant the complete success of his label, Drumcode Records, and his innumerable releases, including the fantastic Fabric22 compilation from last year.

Chinese Laundry nabbed Beyer and Mull for their Sydney show on last Saturday and this highly anticipated gig certainly delivered the goods. We rocked in to catch Mull delivering some unforgiving, piercing and seductive sounds in the confines of the Cave. I am told that Mull is a trained musician which explains his precision in mixing and track selection. Everything sounds so perfectly chosen, lifting at the right moments, pounding and plodding in the next. One punter explained it on the forums “…Mull has more depth, soul and dare I say it ‘thought’ to his music,” and I have to say, there is some truth in this statement. Mull tempted the crowd with his form of techno, building the hype in the room up, a perfectly complimentary set for what was to come from Beyer.

Beyer tore the place apart with his signature sound satisfying every last techno head who were out in force to see him. The Cave was sticky with the sweat of everyone crowding in there and people were going absolutely nuts- techno fists aplenty and I swear, the stomping of feet was adding another level to the rumbles of sound in the room. Beyer melodically looped his way through the set, teased the eager crowd and performed an incredible set. Tracks heard though his set included some of his own productions – China Girl and Swedish Silver along with tracks from Meat Katie & D. Ramirez, Minilogue and Dusty Kid.

At one stage I stuck my head into the Laundry to catch a glimpse of Kid Kenobi in his new incarnation as an ‘electro house’ DJ – for want of a better genre to pidgeonhole him into. Gone are the days of chinstrokers blagging on him for being a popular breaks DJ, and now we’ve reached the stage where even the most avid breaks DJ can transform himself into the ‘every man’s’ DJ: playing what the party people want, which in this case was electro, tech and house in its other various forms. I’m not sure if I like this new image of Kenobi, but I understand why he is the way he is now – breaks is apparently dead in Sydney. But even I want him back playing breaks! It’s where the man belongs.

Unfortunately we departed the scene before Beyer and Mull did their back to back set for the last hour, which was a shame for us. All reports are that this was the highlight of the night with both coming into their element and really showing Sydney what techno is about. But the Laundry yet again put on a prime night showcasing some awesome music. The crowd loved it (even if sometimes a little too enthusiastically for the space!) and for those who didn’t make it down, you should be disappointed that you missed it. But for those who were there, how good was that music?

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