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New Years Eve is always a night full of expectations, of bacchanal revelry, driving party rhythms and a taste of what is to come in the forthcoming year. This year would be no different, although I nearly became a ‘persona non gratia’ in the eyes of some friends for choosing Pacha’s NYE party at Home Nightclub over British superstars Groove Armada at Shore Thing on Bondi Beach. I was confident however that the global trademark that Pacha has now become would deliver a night of top quality house and recreate those sweltering, glorious nights in Ibiza.

Despite being enjoyed in over 12 countries, it’s the superclub on the Balearic island from which all other Pacha experiences should be measured. Pacha Ibiza was at the forefront of Ibiza’s rebirth this year and I was interested to see whether the promoters at Home would be able to recreate such a unique vibe. The DJ lineup certainly promised much and so it was, with pyrotechnic explosions still ringing in our ears that we entered Home to see whether those promises would be fulfilled.

Firstly I must confess that I am completely biased with Pacha’s first offering in the main room, for they gave us the Godfather of the Sydney house scene, Senǒr Johnny Gleeson. In my humble opinion Johnny Gleeson is consistently, tune for tune, one of the best DJs in the world. It has nothing to do with knob twiddling, mixing capability or the use of tricks and gadgetry but everything to do with song selection and music knowledge, and Gleeson has it in spades. Like a fine wine, his taste just improves and he gave us a master class in house. He dropped some absolute bombs including remixes of Sweet Sensation, Adamski’s Killer and an awesome lick of the classic From Dusk Til Dawn by Danny Howells & Dick Trevor. He upped the ante as the witching hour approached, throwing in some dirty remixes of MAW’s Work and The Doors This Is The End.

With such a plethora of foot stomping tunes blazing from the speakers, the New Year turnover was nearly an abhorrent interruption, but the dawn of 2008 was well received amongst the captivating spell that the DJs spun. Through the smoke, glitter and balloons, DJ Dazzla, another of Australia’s finest exports to Ibiza, could be seen partying away with the Godfather. It is a shame that in the quest to draw in international talent to these shores, we push our own prodigiously talented DJ’s to the background. Gleeson and Dazzla certainly fall into that category but are as exalted in Ibiza nearly as much as the next DJ on the Pacha roster: France’s David Guetta.

Guetta is famously quoted as saying, “For me, it is all about sharing my passion with people. That is why I am a DJ. A lot of producers, they don’t think it’s cool to play for people. When I DJ, I play for the party: because I love to share my music.” And share it he did. What’s more he did it all with a smile on his dial and his hands in the air. Not for him the too-cool-for-school navel gazing that we see from some international guests. The man behind The F*** Me I’m Famous Ibiza nights proved exactly why he is one of the world’s most sought after DJ’s. He enjoys his craft and shows it in every broad grin shining from the pulpit as he lays down one slamming track after another. There is no doubt what the pinnacle of his set was though. The party atmosphere reached a crescendo when he brought in his anthem The Love Is Gone. Guetta faded out all the sound when the chorus came around and it appeared like every voice in Home was raised to the rafters in belting out the words. It was one of those rare occasions in the dance music scene when every single person in the club shared that one perfect moment. The hairs stood up on the back of your neck and you could not help being swept along by it all.

But Guetta wasn’t stopping there as he wowed the dancefloor with other classics. Don’t Let Me Go, When The Lights Go Out and excerpts from his latest offering Pop Life regaled us for a wonderful slice of Gallic house. Then as quickly as he arrived, he was gone, replaced by two members of the Swedish Mafia; namely Sebastion Ingrosso and Steve Angello. They burst onto the stage with great exuberance, encouraging the crowd in broken English to get on board the house train. The whistles blew and hands clapped as Counting Down The Days, Axwell’s I Found You and Shakedown’s At Night all breathed life into the main room. Ingrosso and Angello were the perfect duo to keep the party going after Gleeson and Guetta fired everyone up. They did what good DJs do; filled us full of the dance spirit and left us begging for more.

Unfortunately transport and a touch of sunstroke from the day before dictated that we had to leave Home just as Dave Spoon was entering the fray, which was a shame because we were earnestly awaiting his arrival. Having seen him many times before though, I knew he would turn in a top set and the people who are attending the Summadayze gigs will be in for an absolute treat.

Did Pacha recreate Ibiza in Sydney? Not exactly, because it would be impossible to do that. But Sydney did show Pacha how we bring in the New Year and we did it with that certain style that only Sydney can produce. The tunes were huge, the experience unforgettable. If this is how 2008 started we will be having a massive year.

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Finchy84 said on the 5th Jan, 2008

interesting review, i personally thought it was shit. Guetta played one of the worst sets I have ever heard. Way to much build up not enough tunes personally.


dazzla said on the 5th Jan, 2008

FIRSTLY, big ups to the pacha team, future music and the crew at HOME for putting on a great night in true IBIZA partying style. from the dark corners of black market to the terrace at pacha, johnny gleeson has always stepped up to the plate and provided


nickels said on the 5th Jan, 2008

Once again Johnny Gleeson rocked the joint with his amazing tunes taking the crowd on an underground journey the likes that which Sydney -siders are not used to. Mixing in a few tracks of his own creation that got the crowd amped , Gleeson has proved tha


nickels said on the 5th Jan, 2008

Once again Johnny Gleeson rocked the room taking the crowd on an underground journey something the sydney siders are not used to , mixing in a few of his own tunes and having the crowd going off, Johnny Gleeson has proven his the Godfather of house music

Johnny Apostal

Johnny Apostal said on the 5th Jan, 2008

What a night! Massive line-up! Big System! Fat Beats! Pacha Dancers! The scent of red cherries in the air!!! What more could u ask for to kick off the New Year?! A Rock Solid performance yet again by Johnny Gleeson!! A huge inspiration to all us up and